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Landlord Hiking Rent Over $1,000 Suggests ‘Food Banks’ To Tenants

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A British real estate firm has suggested distraught tenants consider a ‘food bank’ after raising rents for some London tenants by £950 ($1,094) a year.

Venyon Estate, which owns 371 properties in London, has rejected tenants seeking to reconsider wage increases. Me August 31st.

“Although real estate is very sympathetic to the rising cost of living, we are unable to accommodate requests for rent reductions at this time,” said a message to tenants whose rents were up 3%. “offered to send numerous links to various services such as food banks…if they are interested.

Benyon Estate rent increase cost of living crisis In the UK, private rental prices increased by 3.2% in the 12 months to July 2022. This is the biggest rise since 2016, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The Bank of England forecast a prolonged recession in August, while financial services group Citi said he expects inflation to reach 18% in the first quarter of 2023.

London’s rent growth is the lowest in the country at 2.1%, while the 3% increase for some tenants in Benyon Estate is higher than the region’s average.

Soaring energy prices hit British homes yet again, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Reduced gas supplies to EuropeOfgem, the country’s energy regulator, Increased energy price cap by 80% Last month — The average customer’s gas and electricity bill was £3,549 ($4,087) a year.

Aerial view of Englefield House, owned by the Benyon family for 300 years, on September 26, 2010.
David Goddard / Contributor / Getty Images Europe

A spokesperson for Benion Estate said: Newsweek“As part of the tenancy agreement, each new tenant of the Benion Estate will, upon reasonable notice, be notified that the rent will generally be reviewed annually.”

The company also said, “Information provided in a private email appears to have been misunderstood and taken out of context.”

The Benyon Estate is owned by the family of Conservative politician Richard Benyon, former Newbury MP and current Minister for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity. 2021, former prime minister boris johnson Made Benion a lifelong companion in the House of Lords.

Lord Bennion was worth £130 million ($150 million) in 2019, according to Sunday Times rich listHe lives on the 14,000-acre Englefield Estate, which his family has owned for 300 years.Movies and TV shows containing crown, king’s speech When great legacy Shot in an Elizabethan mansion.

Lord Benyon and his brother Edward Benyon, property managers of the family’s London property portfolio, drew criticism in 2014 over a deal to take over the New Era estate, which has had decades of affordable housing. rice field.

The Benyon brothers pulled out of the consortium that bought the property after high-profile protests outside their offices led by comedian and activist Russell Brand.

Update: 09/06/22 2:58 pm ET: This article has been updated with comments from a Benyon Estate spokesperson.

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