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Land near Crab Island, Marler Bridge purchased by Joe Bruner

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Destin — with the setting sun Club island In Chokta Hatchie Bay, an almost vacant property just north of the eastern foot of the Mahler Bridge was recently purchased by an organization led by a local businessman. Joe Bruner..

The five-acre site is surrounded by Side Moreno Point West Condominiums to the north, US Highway 98 / Harbor Boulevard to the south, Bays to the west, and Calhorn Avenue to the east.

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The closest parcel to US 98 is across the highway from the Emerald Grande, a building that houses custom-concept tattoos and designs. The closest block to the Sides Moreno Point West condo contains the vacant graffiti-covered ruins of a one-story building that may have been a home.

On June 17, the entire site was purchased from Sandman Development LLC in Madison, Georgia by a Mary Esther entity named BK at Destin Inc. for $ 5.5 million.

Bruner is Destin’s BK principal, according to state corporate sector records. Bruner was not asked to comment on his real estate plan on Friday.

According to city spokeswoman Catherine Card, Destin authorities have not received an application to develop the property.

According to Destin Senior Planner Daniel Butler, there is no mention of the historic files of the business city previously located on 1 Calhorn Avenue.

In early 2018, the city rejected a proposal from Sandman Development to develop a condominium complex and a multipurpose development project at that address because it did not meet the city’s requirements. In particular, the proposed 13-story condo had more floors than the city’s comprehensive plan allowed.

A few years ago, Bruner was considering opening a military-themed amusement park called GI Jaws in a 10.25-acre plot just west of Big Kahuna’s Water and Adventure Park.Bruner opened Big Kahuna’s It is currently owned by a Boca Raton-based company in 1985.

In mid-2015, Bruner said he was reassessing GI Joe’s proposal, largely because of backlash from cities and states that made it difficult to obtain building permits. The project never moved forward.

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