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Land Bank to demolish downtown property

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The LIMA — Land Bank program recently raised $500,000 from Ohio Building Demolition and Site Revitalization Grants.. Allen County Inspector Rachel Gilroy and Allen County Commissioner Cory Noonan met with the city of Lima’s Design Review Board on Thursday afternoon to further discuss the demolition in downtown Lima.

The Land Bank program acquired a property at E. Wayne St. 138, Lima. The program plans to demolish the building to make room for restoration.

A Design Review Board was created by the City of Lima. According to the ordinance, the goal is to preserve and enhance the unique aesthetic character of buildings, landmarks and historic districts in downtown Lima.

“It’s the historic part of town that they’re interested in redeveloping,” Gilroy said. “The board wants to ensure that the building that could be demolished and redeveloped meets the city’s requirements. The Allen County Land Bank wants to demolish the building. There is no and it falls into the basement There are some serious structural problems There is no regeneration of the property as it is now We hope that some of the grant money can be used to demolish the building I’m asking for demo permission to do so.”

Demolition was approved by the Design Review Board. Allen County plans to meet with the City of Lima later to discuss the property further.

“We may turn it back into green space and turn it over to Allen County for future development for other uses in the county,” Gilroy added. We’ve completed 280 buildings to date, we’re just back at work on demolition and refurbishment, and we’re working on several commercial plagues across the county. We are thrilled and looking to make our community better.We have completed other commercial properties from Land Bank funds, but this is the first with a grant.”

Gilroy said the land bank program will be released again this fall. The goal is to use the grant money by next summer.

For more information, see: allencountyohauditor.com/ac-land-bank.

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