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Lancaster ranked as the best place in the country to retire

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Florida is well known as a retirement destination, but three of the top five best places to retire this year are in Pennsylvania, according to an analysis by US News & World Report released Tuesday.

That’s because retirees are prioritizing housing affordability as home prices rise above last year’s highs. mortgage interest rate continue to increase, Prices for goods and services remain highWhen Recession fears rise.

affordable Always a top factor in U.S. News rankings, “Retirees this year are more concerned about their finances than they have been in years past.”

“Pennsylvania really came out on top, largely because it has more affordable housing than most cities in Florida,” she said.

Lancaster is this year’s listalso thanks to its high scores on quality and proximity Health care Tax rates for seniors, retirees, how much you love where current residents live. The metropolitan area has moved up from last year’s No. 5 spot.

US News also factored in travel to the location and outsider interest in the job market in its analysis of the 150 most populous metropolitan areas in the country. It rated locations based on what survey respondents across the country said were the most important factors in choosing where to live. Affordability of housing was paramount.

Harrisburg moved up from 13th place last year to 2nd place this year. York, Pennsylvania jumped from her 17th to 5th. For the first time, these metropolitan areas are ranked in the top five. Allentown and Reading are ranked 9th and he is 10th this year.

The top 20 best metropolitan areas to retire include Scranton (17th), Philadelphia (19th), and Pittsburgh (20th). All Pennsylvania cities saw increases in resident happiness and retirement tax scores. Housing affordability scores increased in all cities except Scranton. Scranton’s score remained flat.

As in previous years, Florida shows strong results in the US News rankings. Four of the top 10 places to retire are in the Sunshine State (Pensacola, Tampa, Naples, Daytona Beach).

“Many people are still looking for beach retirement in Florida,” said Brandon. It’s much more affordable than being on the beach.”

More than two-thirds of the metropolitan areas ranked in the top 25 best places to retire are in either Pennsylvania or Florida.

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