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Laguna Beach or Capri? An Italian-Inspired California Home Lists for $35 Million

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In California, an Italian-inspired beachfront home with its own chapel is listed for $35 million.

Located on Crescent Bay Beach in Laguna Beach, the 4 bedroom home is approximately 7,000 square feet on approximately 0.2 acres. Apartment owner Rick Silver built his home on the site of a 1920s building. The house, he said, still has a nearly 100-year-old garden wall that zigzags from the house to the beach. In an old beach warehouse built into a wall, Mr. Silver built a chapel out of antique crosses and candles, he said.

Mr. Silver purchased the property in 1998 for $2.2 million.


in Italy, he said. He declined to say how much money he spent on construction, but said it was well above his original budget of $3 million. According to Compass listing agent Rob Guillem, it’s unlikely the house will be replicated under current building codes due to its size and proximity to the water’s edge.

The house has five fireplaces, a wet bar, a library and numerous terraces. The cave-inspired bathroom has a custom chandelier by San Francisco design firm Fisher and his Wiseman designer Andrew Fisher.

Silver said he particularly liked the open-plan kitchen and family room that opened onto the terrace.

“It sticks out to the sand, so you can see the shoreline and all the people below,” he said. “I’m sitting there looking out and watching people go by. It’s very romantic.”

The house is located on Crescent Bay Beach.


Emil Kara

Mr. Silver is the founder and president of Far West Management Corporation, a multifamily development and management company. He said he was selling his house because he moved to Bel Air during the pandemic.

Median home sales in Orange County rose from $2.35 million in May 2021 to about $3 million in May, Giem said. Beachfront home sold for $70 million.

“Oceanfront property inventory is still significantly depleted,” he said.

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