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Kris Jenner ‘Kinda Forgot’ About A Luxury Condo She Owns In Beverly Hills

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chris jenner She’s gotten all sorts of reactions to admitting to “forgetting” the luxury Beverly Hills property she owns.

66 years old reality star It was revealed during the Season 2 premiere of “The Kardashian Family” on Hulu. When Jenner and her daughter Khloe Kardashian visited the property, jenner Make an amazing admission every time insider.

“I mean. I have a condo, my mom has a condo, my cousin has a condo, and we all live close by,” Jenner explained in the confessional portion of the episode. I kind of forgot that it was in. Sounds silly, doesn’t it?”

“Mom” and her daughter discovered a refrigerator full of champagne along with lots of items in the freezer, including vegetables and frozen dinners.

“I’ve never seen so much champagne before, so why is this here?” Kardashian wonders.

“In case of an emergency,” Jenner answers deadpan.

In another part of the episode, Jenner says the property is most often used as a place to wrap Christmas presents. She called the condo “Santa’s Workshop,” but she said she doesn’t go there much outside of the holidays.

Kardashian had a playful tease with her mom.

“I can’t wait to be rich enough to forget I have a fortune somewhere,” she said. “‘Is there a condo in Beverly Hills? I forgot.

Twitter users expressed both envy and disgust at the new reality show episode.

“@kardashianshulu is the most tone-deaf show/family,” enraged one person. And @KrisJenner “forgets” he has a multi-million dollar condo in Beverly Hills.

Another agreed, writing: Has she forgotten her own condo with all the people currently living on the street? Will she rent it cheaply or allow people to stay there until they get back on their feet?#krisjenner says she “kinda forgot” that she had a condo in Beverly Hills.

Other fans, however, are responsible for the Kardashians remaining as rich and unapologetic celebrities as they’ve always been. and forget that the fridge is full of champagne,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Kris Jenner has a whole condo and forgetting about it is the level of affluence I’m trying to get,” shared another.

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