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Knockoff of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House grabs buyers’ attention

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In 1910, the light was completed The home of clients Frederick and Lora Robie at 5757 S. Woodlawn Ave. A National Historic Landmark, the house is now a “masterpiece,” according to now-retired Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Comin. I wrote in 2019, When the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, owner of the University of Chicago and operator of the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust, announced an $11 million restoration.

Comin wrote that the Lobby House “is one of the architectural treasures of Chicago and of the world, and culminated in Wright’s Prairie Style architectural revolution.”

A copy of Navajo Avenue was built in 1992, With growing interest in architects, However, little is known about its origin. The current seller is his fourth owner, and according to Flores, there is no information about the early days. Crain’s tried to reach out to his early 1990s seller, but it didn’t work.

Not identical twins in the Robbie family. The exterior looks a lot like the original, but it has some notable changes, such as the limestone arches that frame the front door.

Inside, Wright touches include a large stone fireplace separating two rooms, windows separated by brick piers, and extensive use of brick and wood. It does not replicate the lobby’s wood-banded ceiling, art glass windows, or rows of globe lights.

John Eifler with Chicago architects who made several restorations of Wright’s buildings Live in the Wright Mansion in Glencoe Looking at a photo of the Navajo home listing, he said the exterior had a “very strong and obvious connection to Robbie’s home” with some elements from another of Wright’s designs. Darwin Martin’s house in Buffalo, New York

Inside, Eifler was impressed by the extensive use of brick in the walls and chimney. “It’s a lot of masonry, like Wright had,” he said. He also praised Wright’s expertise in brushing the grout above and below the bricks to accentuate the horizontal look.

Asked to rate the realism of this Wright-inspired home’s exterior, Eifler gave it an 8 out of 10.

Has he seen 9 and 10?

“No,” Eifler said.

Light reverberations are primarily in formal rooms and not in kitchens, baths and bedrooms.

Seller Eava Harrison and Christopher Gentry purchased the home for $817,000 in 2015, according to the Cook County Clerk. Flores said they were traveling and could not comment.

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