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Kitchen Trends That Real Estate Agents Love

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The kitchen is the heart of the home — The meeting place A place where everyone enjoys eating and talking. So if you’re selling your home, you need to make sure your kitchen is on trend to attract the best bids. Here are some things to think about including in the market today:

Hidden pantry and butler station

Have you ever seen a refrigerator or a dishwasher? fit in cabinet Can’t you see it’s there? Well, now the trend is hitting the pantry.

“This concept is growing in popularity, along with the open-concept trend that helps disguise walk-in pantries, second refrigerators, coffee stations, and more,” he said. Jennifer White of RE/MAX Specialist PV At Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. “Normally, this hidden opening to the pantry is designed to look like a custom floor-to-ceiling His cabinet, but like a door to a large walk-in His pantry used for storage.” can be opened to

Today’s buyers love the mix of colorful and functional surfaces in the same kitchen.

“The top kitchen trend we’ve seen so far is incorporating multiple finishes into one space,” he says. Amber ShayNational Vice President of the Design Studio Meritage Homes“Solid surface backsplashes are also growing in popularity, pairing kitchen colors with fun light fixtures for added visual interest.”

Everyone gathers in the kitchen, so it feels good to have a clean kitchen. And you can do it in the Scarary Kitchen, which is basically the second kitchen where all the cooking is done.

“Many discerning homeowners want a dish kitchen that helps hide the mess of food preparation,” says White. “A scalary is a secondary kitchen off the main kitchen that includes a second sink, dishwasher, pantry, refrigerator and/or beverage cooler, storage for bulky kitchen utensils, food prep space, etc. Main To keep your kitchen clutter-free, open-concept kitchens seem to be growing in popularity.Introducing a clean and tidy floating shelf.Helps hide coffee makers, toasters, toaster ovens, and other bulky kitchen items. The main idea is to have a second kitchen for food preparation that helps hide the mess called cooking.”

Cooking can be messy, and one thing buyers don’t want to see is a kitchen where everything becomes more difficult to put away.

“Buyers are looking for low-maintenance kitchen products, such as easy-to-clean appliances and finishes,” says Shay. “Quartz may soon overtake granite as the most popular countertop option because it is a very easy material to maintain. It is also more resistant to bacteria and dirt because it is non-porous.”

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