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Kirkwood townhomes launch construction on long-empty site

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Near the southern tip of Kirkwood, which has been vacant since President George W. Bush took office, the timing for the town home project to move forward is finally right.

Infill development recently began construction on 200 blocks of Maynard Terrace SE between Memorial Drive and Interstate 20 Exit. East Atlanta Village is also located about a mile southwest of the site.

Site locations within 200 blocks of Maynard Terrace SE, related to Kirkwood, Edgewood, East Atlanta Village, and other eastern landmarks. Google map

Texas-based developer UrbanLoftsTownhomes is behind the project and will be covered with galvalume metal, like Phase 1 and the brothers project built in Reynoldstown near the Atlanta Beltline a few years ago.

The company is also behind the development of town homes in the Sun Belt market in Reno, Las Vegas, Houston and Dallas.

Phase 1 of the 25 units of the Maynard Terrace project has been completed for over 15 years. We offered some of the first modern style semi-detached living options in the area.

Construction on site this week. Josh Green / Urbanize Atlanta

In the second Kirkwood phase, town home options range from 2,231 to 2,255 square feet. All have a garage of two cars in addition to three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. Each will be available for purchase sometime this winter.

Prices are still undecided, according to Urban Loft promotion Website.. (We asked the person in charge about the price range of the baseball field. We will post that information when it comes.) In the next Phase 1 Town Home Recently resold For as high as $ 300,000.

Town home highlights are expected to include wooden floors, bedroom walk-in closets, large paintings and case windows, and granite countertops for kitchens and baths.

Overall site planning for both phases. Interstate 20 is on the left side of the screen. Urban loft

This project continues to surge in town home development, including 12 units in or near the Memorial Drive Corridor. Warren South Project With other places in Kirkwood Walker Place Town Homes Under construction at Edgewood.

Urban Realty Partners just across the street Planning for redevelopment The former Gospel Tabernacle Cathedral, which was severely damaged by the fire in 2019.

•• In Kirkwood, price increases, fresh images found in new home clusters (Urbanization of Atlanta)

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