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King Charles’ Real Estate Firm Sues Twitter Over Unpaid Rent

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  • Twitter is facing a lawsuit from the Crown Estate, which manages properties owned by King Charles III.
  • An insider understands that the property has launched legal proceedings against Twitter over its London office.
  • King Charles is the ultimate owner of the estate, albeit with little day-to-day involvement.

Twitter is being taken to court in the UK by the Crown Estate, which manages a property portfolio owned by Charles III, for failing to pay rent for its London office.

Insiders understand that the Crown Estate has issued legal proceedings to Twitter following previous contacts with the social media company regarding unpaid rent, and that the two parties are currently in talks.

All Twitter signs and logos have been removed from its London office, but Elon Musk’s company still occupies it, he said. Daily Telegraph, First reported on the lawsuit.

In December 2022, The New York Times reported Twitter hasn’t paid rent in any of its offices for weeks. since then, Landlord of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters It also initiated legal proceedings against the social media company.

An employee in Singapore was even temporarily evicted from the office for nonpayment of rent — before Musk finally paid later in the day. Insider Kari Hayes previously reported.

Twitter's offices in Soho, central London.

Twitter’s offices in Soho, central London.

PA image by James Manning/Getty Images

Earlier this month, an insider reported: Twitter’s New York office has a cockroach problem, Staff have also complained of dirty or clogged toilets.

This was part of a series of cost-cutting measures at Twitter. The workforce has shrunk from over 7,000 to 2,300, According to Musk himself. We also auctioned off about 250 items from our San Francisco headquarters. Twitter bird logo for sale at $100,000.

Twitter did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

The Crown Estate It manages $19.2 billion worth of properties, including 241 in central London, according to. Its latest annual report. As the property ultimately belongs to the monarch, three-quarters of the Crown Estate’s $384 million net income earnings will go to public spending in the UK, with the rest going back to the royal family.

The Guardian reported Last week, King Charles called for the proceeds from the $1.2 billion portfolio of offshore wind farms owned by the Crown Estate to be used for public funds.

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