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Ken Griffin of Citadel launches sell-off of Gold Coast condos

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I couldn’t ask Griffin for comment.

The 9th Walton Unit is one of the 4th floors on the top floor of the building. In 2017, Griffin bought all four together for $ 58.5 million. Immediately after Griffin announced his move to Miami last month Klein reported that he never finished the space, 25,000 square feet to fit a comfortable living space. When he moved his base to Florida, it turned into a favorable deal. It’s easier to sell individual floors than one big $ 58.5 million chunk.

The 35th floor of the lowest of these four floors was listed on the Agents Only List Network on July 26th at an asking price of $ 14 million. Property representative Jamesson Sotheby’s International Realty Agent Nancy Tassone declined to comment. Her list showed that a full floor of 7,085 square feet of space was unfinished.

Griffin paid $ 12.5 million to that floor in 2007 as part of a four-story package. It seems that the other floors are not for sale yet.

At Waldorf Astoria, 11 W. Walton, Griffin is demanding $ 11.5 million for a 5,400-square-foot condominium on the 37th floor. Also represented by Tassone. Griffin bought a condo in 2014 for $ 13.3 million.

Griffin launched the 66th floor, a four-bedroom 8,000-square-foot unit, on July 26 at the 800 N. Michigan Park Tower. Priced at $ 13.25 million, it is represented by Susan Minor of Premier Relocation. She declined to comment.

Griffin purchased the unit for $ 15 million in 2012, according to Cook County Secretary.

Also at the Park Tower, Griffin is demanding $ 15.75 million for a duplex unit on the 67th and 68th floors, a 6-bedroom, 9,200-square-foot dwelling. Miners also represent this condo.

Griffin purchased a unit on the 67th floor for $ 6.9 million in 2000, when the Park Tower was renewed. He later married Anne Diaz, and in a 2015 divorce, she resigned and insisted on him to share the unit.

Griffin essentially flooded the condo market with over $ 10 million on these lists. So far, two downtown condos were sold in that price range in 2022, only one each in 2021 and 2019, and not in 2020. Therefore, Griffin’s list represents four years of inventory.

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