Home News Johnny Depp Might Confiscate Amber Heard’s House And Other Property If She Doesn’t Pay Soon

Johnny Depp Might Confiscate Amber Heard’s House And Other Property If She Doesn’t Pay Soon

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Johnny Depp could confiscate Amber Heard's home and other property if she doesn't pay immediately

If public humiliation and criticism are not enough, and after losing a defamation trial and finding the money needed to repay the debt, Amber Heard will take all the property. You may lose.

last month, Amber Heard She did everything with her power to present herself to the world as a broken person. The general public may sympathize with her as she continues to win in interviews that she has no money and she goes to the point of “shopping” at low-priced stores.

Johnny Depp could confiscate Amber Heard’s home and other property if she doesn’t pay immediately

Amber Heard is looking for money to pay his ex-husband in a defamation trial. And, according to many newsletters and tabloids, she’s completely broken. What this means is that she may need to sell her real estate to pay him.

If this doesn’t work, there is another possibility. If she also cannot or does not want to sell her property, the court may seize her property.Then transfer them to Johnny Depps name. This includes all her property, including the Yucca Valley home in California.

“Dep can start a collection process so that if she has a salary or wage-type income, he can decorate his hard salary.” – Depp’s lawyer, Jeremiah Denton. Says. “He can attach her assets. This basically means seizing them. He can get her assets, sell them and receive cash. . “

The actress’s financial status is confirmed by her lawyer Elain Bredehoft In the same way. She has publicly stated several times that the actress cannot pay $ 10 million.

“We connect at many levels, but the first thing that really attracted me was that she was a blues lover. I sang songs, some old vague blues songs. Played, and she knew what it was. She was very literate. She was a greedy reader as I was, so we also connected to it, and She’s kind of nice and beautiful. I’m a lucky person. “– Johnny Depp says In the first interview of their marriage.

Does he still consider himself “lucky”?

At the moment of euphoria after the trial is over, Johnny Depp says he probably won’t demand payment. The relief he feels is a good payment in itself. But now it seems that his mind has changed.

Moreover, Johnny Depp has always been in the limelight since the verdict. Concerts, public appearances, acting. He is no longer under pressure. He continues his life.

On the other hand, amber was not very active. Her acting career is at stake and she is suffering great pressure after her trial. She avoids the media Inconspicuous Make it inconspicuous. She conducted only one interview in which she maintained her role as her victim, despite her jury trial’s decision.

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