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Jeff Bezos’ Parents Buy $74 Million Florida Houses – DIRT

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Good luck with Bezos!as it was first reported According to Real Deal, Miguel and Jack Bezos are the stepfathers and mothers of Amazon overlord Jeff Bezos, respectively, and are widely believed to have paid $ 74 million to two side-by-side mansions in Coral Gables, Florida. I am. Miami. Both homes are on the waterfront, hidden within a guarded community, and together span four acres of consecutive acres.

The two properties were sold in two separate transactions by two different sellers. One of the deals closed last week at a $ 34 million mansion. The next house, still in Escrow, reportedly would cost Bezos’ parents a whopping $ 40 million.according to new york postCiting an unnamed source, Jeff Bezos himself (of course) helped cover the cost of this real estate spending.

The $ 34 million home was sold by former PetsMD CEO Raul Colvoz and his realtor’s wife Raquel Cordon. The couple bought the property for “only” $ 8.5 million in 2018, but after major renovations and expansions, it put up for sale this year for $ 34.9 million.

The $ 40 million house next door was never on the market, but Bezoses by “Miami’s real housewife” star Nicole Martin and her husband Anthony M. Lopez, a flashy lawyer who likes Ferrari and private jets. It is sold to. Lopez paid the house $ 14 million three years ago.He and Martin have since refurbished the entire site, and recently “chic and unobtrusive” properties Taken for Architectural Digest..

Obviously a huge sum, the $ 74 million deal is the latest in a series of huge real estate purchases in South Florida, which is flooded with high-tech tech tycoons in New York and overseas wealthy lenders and Silicon Valley millionaires. It is.Just two months ago, Oracle’s Kingpin Larry Ellison bought real estate in Palm Beach County. $173 million — The easiest ranked amount of money ever paid to a sunshine home.

As one of the wealthiest men in the world, Bezos and his longtime partner, veteran journalist Lauren Sanchez, maintain a fleet of luxury homes across the United States. They have several luxury condos on the luxury Fifth Avenue in New York City. Historic Washington DC mansionbig house in Seattle and $78 million oceanfront residence Located on Maui, Hawaii.But for now, the couple’s main residence is $165 million real estate in Beverly Hills.

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