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JavaVino restaurant celebrates new ownership of historic La Crosse property | Local News

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Tina and Howard Shoemaker, owners of Lacrosse’s Java Vino restaurant in Lacrosse, have recently become owners of the property after renting space since 2012.

The official purchase took place on July 1st and includes 2309 and 2311 state highway assets. Both were owned by the Stroeh family. Currently, the property is owned by Schumaker and plans for changes and expansions are already underway.

In this 2012 file photo, students Kaytlin Bronkhorst (left) and Megan Cahill are studying at Java Vino.

Lacrosse Tribune File Photo

“It was very important for us to solidify that Java Vino could continue to be a staple on the South Side,” said Tina Schumaker. “So buying a building was the surest way we could do it. In addition, it could make economic sense by making some significant improvements to our assets. rice field.”

The plan isn’t finalized yet, but owners are considering opening a second Java Vino storefront in the 2309 StateRoad space for events and catering. The area also has a “ghost kitchen” to fulfill orders from third-party food delivery and collection platforms.

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Schumaker said it plans to renew the outdoor dining patio, which was introduced as part of the city’s outdoor cafe program in 2020, at the existing JavaVino location. She said the restaurant parking lot will also change.

Lacrosse outdoor cafe program extended until mid-March

Restaurants, cafés and wine bars offering breakfast and lunch menus also expand the drive-through offering to serve hot dishes.

The State Road property was owned by the Straw family for decades, but Shoemaker said the lease agreement for both buildings was expected to be renewed in the near future.

“The whole process was about 6 months long and we negotiated all the ducks side by side with our side,” Schumaker said. “But we are certainly beyond the moon, with everything together.”


Java Vino owner Tina Schumaker moved its business to 2311 State Road in 2012.

Lacrosse Tribune File Photo

The property on the corner of Losey Boulevard and State Road was purchased by the Stroeh family in the early 1900s, before World War I. Next to this property was a root beer stand next to what later became a family home in 1302 Losey. Boulevard, Shoemaker said in an email to Lacrosse Tribune.

After a while, the property was occupied on the grounds of a used car, and in the early 1960s, Mickey Mantle billiards were built in the building currently used by JavaVino.

It then became Johnson’s clothing store, followed by Good Time Charlie’s restaurant, Singapore Gardens, and finally Tokyo Gardens.

Premier Video took over the space in 1995 and Java Vino became a tenant in 2012.

In the late 1970s, the Stroeh family also bought a property on 2309 State Road. Originally McKay Ellis Real Estate, then Coolie State Bank, and then Ophthalmology Clinic and Advance America.

JavaVino wants an outdoor crowd.Worried neighbor

“The fact that the building has so much history was really interesting and unique,” Shoemaker said. “I think it’s a really great piece of lacrosse history, and now I feel really fortunate to have the opportunity to keep it moving forward.”

Schumaker said their business model and mission as a restaurant allowed them to succeed and become a staple of the lacrosse community.

“People don’t feel they need to be dressed in a particular way to get there,” Schumaker said. “We have a lot of contractors coming to lunch, and it doesn’t matter if they are wearing their work clothes, so it’s a really open and cozy environment.”

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