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I’ve had to evict three tenants this year – and it’s only going to get worse

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The choice not to pay the rent eventually became a tenant in court. Black markings will appear on their names for years. This means they have a hard time gaining some form of credit or paying rent again. They are also at risk of proceeding against them for the next six years. That’s the period I have to keep track of them for accounts payable.

When they were able to find a new rental property, they probably Prepaid meter, And pay higher fees for utilities. If you become homeless, the taxpayer will cover the short-term accommodation costs of the hostel and B & B.

The sad truth is that the behavior of a few bad tenants affects many good tenants.For the first time, I’m taking it out now Rental protection insurance.. I have always paid statutory costs, but this only pays for lawyers, legal costs, and court officials. It does not cover the rent that is in short supply.

Rent losses are becoming a big problem, and in reality they are so big that you have to pay extra monthly premiums to make up for the loss. The cost of this insurance has skyrocketed. That is, the new rent must achieve at least 5% higher rent to pay the additional cost.

As the rent delinquency increases, the number of landlords will increase and they will take out this insurance, and I think that the insurance premium will be higher and the rent will be even higher.

And there is another problem. I continue to sell out, along with many other private landlords. Faced with a barrage of bills and an increasingly hostile and inefficient regulatory environment, few properties are currently worth investing in.

The end result is that fewer properties are available to meet demand. As the reliance on insurance products increases to ensure rent payments, tenants who do not meet the brilliant standards will have a hard time renting a decent property. This is neither good nor fair.

The risk is that rogue landlords thrive as tenants who do not pass stricter references are pushed into poor quality accommodation.

For tenants, there is no room for error. In fact, life can be a big blow to you – relationships can collapse and sometimes invoices can be forgotten. But these minor carelessness are no longer acceptable.

For today’s landlords, there is no buffer for mistakes. The wrong tenant is expensive. In the future, I don’t think you were a good tenant or a bad tenant, but whether the rental insurance company considers you at risk.

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