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It’s Not a Hobbit’s Home, but This New Zealand Property Starred in ‘Lord of The Rings’

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A stately New Zealand mansion that has appeared in two Lord of the Rings movies hit the market earlier this month with a price guide of US$5.2 million.

Called Fernside, the 27-acre property includes the grand main residence, guest cottages, and storybook grounds including a picturesque lake. He played prominent roles in his two films in the franchise, ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ and ‘The Return of the King’.

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Director Peter Jackson used Fernside in South Wairarapa in the North Island for several key scenes for whimsical reasons and personal ties to the area. In fact, the Oscar-winning filmmaker lives right around the corner.

The lake is also where Cate Blanchett’s character Galadriel transforms into the Silver Road River where she bids farewell to the Hobbits, and where Andy Serkis’s Sméagol is destined to discover the ‘Precious’ Ring. During filming over 20 years ago, some of his cast members, including Orlando Bloom and Elijah Wood, reportedly I also stayed at the homestead.

According to CoreLogic NZ, the seller, a private family who did not own the property at the time of filming, has revived the significant property since purchasing it for NZ$5.06 million (US$3.84 million at the time) in 2007.

Work done on the house included restoring the original gardens, adding bridges and piers around the lake, painting the house, and repairing a derelict cottage. Built for the Wool Baron in the mid-19th century, the main building was later destroyed in a fire. The property was completely rebuilt in the 1920s for Charles His Elgar, president of the New Zealand Red Cross during World War I. By 1945, the property was sold to the U.S. Embassy and served as the ambassador’s residence for ten years. and public information about the property.

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The neo-Georgian homestead has a drawing room with sunroom and terrace, a formal lounge and dining room, and a grand kitchen with dishwasher. Upstairs there are 5 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and 3 more bedrooms in the original staff room.

The next owner can use the property, which is listed on PQ Property Intelligence, an affiliate of Forbes Global Properties, for a variety of purposes, said Anthony Morsinkhof, managing director of PQ.

“This is one of New Zealand’s most important assets. ‘, he said.

Morsinkhof said the unique facility is ideal for events and hospitality businesses.

“The bedrooms are gorgeous and beautifully appointed and already equipped with commercial kitchens, so they can be easily transformed into luxury accommodations and healthcare retreats,” he added. “And it is ideally located in one of New Zealand’s most promising tourist destinations.”

Several themed gardens include courtyards with fountains, rose beds, box hedges, tennis court gardens, scented walkways, daffodils paddocks, bluebell glades, greenhouses, and sunken gardens. There are also forests, a large main lawn, a goldfish pond and a lake worthy of the silver screen.

Meticulous restoration has made Fernside known as a garden of national importance. Private orchards produce a wide variety of apples, pears, peaches, plums, figs, avocados, and a variety of citrus trees. This gourmet garden also produces walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, mulberries, strawberries, black currants, blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries, boysenberries and of course kiwi he fruits.

Owners have entertained weddings, social events and even “Lord of the Rings” tours at their property, but they say the future potential depends on the next owner’s motivations. said.

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The Wairarapa region is largely rural, but is dotted with several towns, including Masterton, just 30 minutes from Fernside, and has an airport serving commercial aviation. Wellington International Airport is approximately 1.5 hours drive.

“You’ve got everything at your fingertips: mountains, beautiful rivers, great beaches and shopping with fine dining and boutiques,” Morsinkhof said.

“I often refer to it as the Hamptons of New Zealand. The area has a lot of luxury properties and attracts Wellingtons looking for a second life style home. I call the area my hometown. [Mr.] Close to Jackson are James Cameron, Richard Taylor and Tania Roger of Weta Workshop (a design studio). As such, the region already has significant international funding. “

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