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It’s no wonder that Florida property insurance is costly

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Why insurance premiums are so high

What Hurricane Ian Means for Struggling Florida Property/Casualty Insurance Industry | | October 1

Florida property insurance rates are among the highest in the nation, which is also the result of lawsuits. Florida Insurance Commissioner The state accounts for 7.75% to 16% of domestic homeowner claims, but states that the state accounts for 64% to 76% of homeowner claims in litigation.Given that, why won’t Will you quit your insurance company? However, many homeowners hope or expect that the wind coverage on their homeowner’s insurance should cover flood damage, even if flood damage is excluded from coverage. I have read that. Has your insurance company started paying claims for things you didn’t insure? No wonder the premiums are so high it’s not available.

I have been a small construction contractor for over 20 years. I was sued too often. Two cases were easily dismissed. when he was sued for uncontracted work and for wrongfully dying on site before working there. These were rejected. Most lawsuits involved multiple subcontractors. A significant amount of money was spent on legal fees. When I vehemently objected that our work was not part of the problem, the insurance company simply said, “Get used to it. It’s legalized extortion.” Considering this, the insurance premium is expected to be even higher.

John (Jack) Searholtz, St. Petersburg

he will be back

How Hurricane Ian Changed the Florida Gubernatorial Election | | October 13

When you look at the constant commercials praising Governor Ron DeSantis, you would think he was the greatest, most compassionate, compassionate person ever, almost a saint. What happened to the loud, ferocious bullies we saw in action? who sent immigrants out of their taxes? Win or lose, I think that guy will be back on November 9th.

Farrah Stokes Tampa

Like Liz Cheney

Jan. 6 Survey Findings | Wall Street Journal Editorial, Oct. 15

As the Jan. 6 hearings draw to a close, as a liberal Democrat, I have to say how proud I am of powerful Republican Liz Cheney. She brings honor and sanity to a Republican party that seems to be heading for madness. Two parties are required. Both parties must work fairly for the good of the people. Liz Cheney can be a great leader in that direction.

Lorraine Madison St. Petersburg

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