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It Was a Three-Bedroom Colonial. Now, This Rural Massachusetts Property Feels Like ‘Disneyland.’

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As a baby, Michael “Mick” Kittredge III lived in a house he remembers as a traditional Midwestern Massachusetts home. It’s his three-bedroom colonial-style home that his parents bought for his $144,000 in 1984.

But by the time he was 10, Kittredge said to his father, Michael J. Kittredge II, founder of Yankee Candle Company: died In 2019, the small country town of Leverett of less than 2,000 people turned an obscure piece of land into a veritable magical kingdom. Over the course of a few years Mr. Kittredge the Elder scooped up enough neighboring property to make over 100 acres of land, some spilled across the border into Amherst. Oversized facilities include parks, arcades, tennis courts, concert halls and guest accommodation.

“It was like having Disneyland in our backyard,” said Mick Kittredge, now 32, who co-founded Kringle Candle Co. with his father in 2009.

Original 3 bedroom colonial purchased in 1984 in Leverett, Massachusetts.
Steve Upton (left), a real estate builder with Michael Kittredge in 2008.
The original home that was extended and renovated in 1989.

Original 3 bedroom colonial purchased in 1984 in Leverett, Massachusetts. Steve Upton (left), real estate builder with Michael Kittredge II in 2008. 1989, house under renovation. kittredge family (3)

A nearly 60-acre portion of the property is currently on the market for $23 million, said listing agent Johnny Hatem Jr.

Douglas Elliman.

The gated grounds include an approximately 25,000 square foot main house, two 4,000 square foot guest houses, two barns, a clubhouse, an outdoor pool, and a pool cabana with full kitchen and bar. Arcade and Water His park is located in his 55,000-square-foot stand-alone two-story building, Hatem said.

The approximately 10-acre parcel with 8,500-square-foot homes and guesthouses is listed separately for $3.99 million. An additional lot with an apple orchard is also sold separately. “This place is too big for one person,” Kittredge said.

Leverett is a small town in South Deerfield with a major Yankee Candle factory and retail store.


kittredge family

The company was founded by Mike Kittredge in the 1960s.


kittredge family

On a recent August afternoon, Mick Kittredge rode an Indian bike around the property’s winding paths and gardens that connect the main building to the outbuildings.

The late Mr. Kittredge founded Yankee Candle as a teenager in the 1960s. He made candles out of melted crayons because his mother was too poor to buy presents. He turned his hobby into a business and in 1998 he sold his 90% stake in Yankee Candle for around $500 million.

By then, the estate was doing well.

Located about 90 miles from Boston, Leverett is a middle-class town known for its close proximity to Amherst. university, Smith College, Mount Holyoke College and Deerfield Academy. The median list price for a single-family home in July 2022 was $650,000, according to Realtor.com. (

news corp,

Owner of The Wall Street Journal and also runs Realtor.com Licensed from the National Association of Realtors. )

Mick Kittredge said the location was a natural choice for his father, who grew up in South Hadley, about 15 miles away. Leverett is also about 12 miles from Yankee Candle’s main factory and original retail store in South Deerfield.

After purchasing the original 1.84-acre home, Mr. Kittredge purchased the adjacent land as soon as it became available, records show. Mick Kittredge estimates his father invested his $50 million over the years in land acquisitions and multiple renovations.


Jason Lee

“It was like a never-ending construction site,” he said, adding that his father had no master plan, but designed the property for entertainment and enjoyment. There was a light, and I built it up along the way.”

Completed in 2010, the renovated main building has 6 bedrooms, 11 fireplaces and 3 floors of great rooms. Huge kitchen with 5 islands and 7 sinks for cooking, and a separate commercial kitchen on the lower level. There are also four dining rooms, a ten-seat theater and two wine cellars.

The outbuilding reflects the late Mr. Kittredge’s passion for cars, tennis and music. He built his two barns which together he could accommodate 80 vehicles. One of them also has a mechanic his bay, pool table and bar with space for lifts and cleaning and detail work. There are 4 tennis courts: 2 clay courts, 1 artificial turf court, and 1 indoor court. The late Mr. Kittredge, who played guitar, drums and piano, also had a large guitar collection and built his own recording studio in his home.

Mick Kittredge co-founded Kringle Candle Co. with his father in 2009.


Julie Bidwell of The Wall Street Journal

A young Mick Kittredge checks his father’s Batmobile at a Batman-themed birthday party in 1997.


kittredge family

In the late 1990s he commissioned what he called the Spa Building. Centered around a variety of activities, he is a 55,000 square foot structure. There is a 4,000-square-foot gym and massage treatment rooms, a three-lane bowling alley, an indoor tennis court, an arcade, a pool room, and an indoor water park.

The building’s expansive flex space can be transformed into a concert hall with a 4,000-square-foot stage and 25-foot oak bar. “The dancefloor goes out, the tables go down, the lights come on,” said Mick Kittredge. “It’s a wild change.”

Mick Kittredge said his father gave the builders 12 months to complete the project in time for his third wedding on the estate in 1999 (Mr. marriage ended in divorce)

Mick Kittredge said his father had a knack for theater and was happy to indulge his son’s interests on holidays and birthdays. I pretended to slide down. Mick When his Kittredge was going through the Batman phase, his father built a bat cave underground for him. “He just tried hard to keep his childhood wonder alive for me,” he said.

For a birthday party, the older Mr. Kittredge had a family friend dress up as Batman and act out a choreographed fight scene. Kittredge recalled that he showed up aboard the Batmobile that was used for one. “I thought Batman was as real to other kids as Santa was,” he said.

The Christmas dinner was regularly attended by 400 guests and featured numerous fundraisers, galas, and live music performances by the Doobie Brothers, KC, the Sunshine Band, and others.

Hall & Oates performing at the Kittredge House in 2004.


kittredge family

The spa building has an indoor court and also serves as an event space. The older Mr. Kittredge hosted his annual Christmas dinner with his 400 people.


kittredge family

The mansion was always busy, but his father designed a private space in the main house for the family with a master bedroom, drawing room, kitchenette and two additional bedrooms. Kittredge says it was a retreat his father would spend time with his third wife and his two daughters.

“My father grew up very poor, so he built this place for his family,” he added. “He really wanted to be able to offer his children and his family a lifestyle he never dreamed of.”

An avid car collector, Kittredge built two garages with a combined capacity of 80 cars. One has a pool table and bar. Sulett Media Group (3)

His father continued to make additions and renovations until he had a stroke in 2012 that left him with speech and motor skills, he said.

A few years ago, according to Kittredge, his father sold the plot where he owned a small farm, grew his own vegetables, and raised pigs, chickens and cows.

Hatem said the prices of major properties on the market reflect the state’s remote location.He said the property could appeal to car enthusiasts and business executives, or be used for corporate retreats. for hosting,” he said.

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