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It Looks Like a Traditional Atlanta-Area Home—But Its Interiors Are Anything But

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From the outside, the tanned brick houses of Maria and Alex Evans look a lot like their neighbors on the outskirts of Atlanta in Roswell, Georgia. However, once inside the house, you can also be in Los Angeles, where Evans was born. The moody black and gray palette is accented by bold and sculptural lighting fixtures.

After buying a home in 2018, Evans hired Atlanta interior designer Michelle Smith Boyd to reflect the contemporary aesthetics of the West Coast. Four years later, spending about $ 850,000, the house retains its traditional look and has a sleek, contemporary interior.

“They chose a really traditional neighborhood in the suburbs, but their style isn’t at all,” says Boyd. “It took a lot of modifications to make this house feel and look like them.”

Evans, 38, is from Long Beach, California, and Evans is from Tennessee. They met while Evans lived in Los Angeles, where he was pursuing a modeling career. (A framed photo of Evans by fashion photographer Shamayim is displayed in the living room.) When Evans became pregnant with her first child, the couple returned east and Evans returned to her family-owned Knox. I was able to play a role in the building. Based GEM technology. But for Evans, it was enough for her to live in Knoxville for two years. “The pace is slow,” she says. “I didn’t care about that.”

So when it was time to buy a house, the couple, now with three young children, decided to look at their favorite suburbs of Atlanta for restaurants and nightlife. The trade-off was for Evans to stay in Knoxville every Sunday-Thursday and return to Roswell on the weekends. Still, Evans says, “I’ve decided this is more suitable.”

But most of the homes they saw in the suburbs of Atlanta didn’t suit their style. “We will come here and see warm colored furniture, your brown and beige. We weren’t used to it.” Evans, 37 years old. “We were used to cooling the tone.”

They finally found a house with retractable glass walls that reminded us of California’s indoor and outdoor life. The 7-bedroom, approximately 8,000-square-foot home has a swimming pool. They bought it for $ 1,425,000 in 2018.

“We loved the footprints,” says Evans. “We had to put our aesthetics there.” She first encountered Mr. Boyd’s work while watching “The Real Housewife in Atlanta.” He designed the house of cast member Marlo Hampton. He will also appear on Bravo’s “Buying it Blind” and on the upcoming HGTV show “Luxe for Less”.

“His names have appeared one after another,” says Evans. “I clicked on his website, and I was like,” Oh, this is our style! ” “

Mr Evans was reluctant at first. The couple had never worked with an interior designer and he was unaware of the need for it. “Our concept, like everyone else, was to go to the store and buy a sofa and a table,” he recalls. But now he is an enthusiastic convert, especially since Mr. Boyd became one of the couple’s first friends in Atlanta. “I’ve become a kind of design addict,” says Evans, his wife.

The house originally had a stacked stone fireplace and dark wood beams and floors. Boyd changed the materials and color schemes of the house to give it a more contemporary feel.


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They initially planned to spend about $ 130,000 with Mr. Boyd, but the scope of the project expanded and eventually cost about $ 650,000. “It’s a kind of infectious process,” says Evans. “You really can’t have only one.” The theater cost an additional approximately $ 200,000.

Boyd says the first thing he did was change the materials and color schemes of the house to give it a more contemporary feel. When Evans bought the house, it had a stacked stone fireplace and dark wood beams and floors. “The beam was this light brown,” recalls Evans. “It gave you a sense of outdated — it wasn’t young and fresh.”

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While the family was on vacation, Boyd’s team tore the main-level hardwood floor and replaced it with light gray tiles. “We used larger format porcelain tiles to bridge the style of the West Coast with life in the southern suburbs,” says Boyd. “The house feels much more transitional than the original traditional architecture.” When the family returned from vacation, he recalls, “they have returned to another house.”

Originally white, according to Boyd, many of the homes are now covered in dark gray and black for a sophisticated look, but some rooms have a bluish light gray to match the pool. It has become. There are gold pops everywhere. The dining room chairs are decorated with copper velvet, and the master bedroom has a dramatic gold leaf ceiling.

The children’s room is on the second floor, and Boyd is designing a playroom on the same floor. The basement, however, is an adult domain. Boyd will turn the lower floors into a nightclub-style lounge where adults can entertain their friends or escape on a date night. One wall is covered with gray and white matchbook marble slabs. The room is temperature controlled for the Evans wine collection displayed on the wall-mounted pegs. The small wine fridge in the room contains a special bottle.

“We wanted an atmosphere like the lobby lounge of a boutique hotel,” Evans explains. Next to the lounge is a home theater with a screen about 130 inches wide and two large comfortable chaise lounges (gray, of course). For sound absorption, the room is made of charcoal gray velvet wall covering of Philippe Jeffreys and black leather is used for the ceiling. A hidden door opens in the theater wall, revealing a gym with Peloton and a tone system.

Powder room.


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In the process of working with Mr. Boyd, Evans discovered his passion for large sculptural luminaires. “We were crazy about lighting,” says Evans. “It’s a very big feature of the house. It creates the atmosphere of the room.”

According to Boyd, many lighting fixtures in the house are custom. In the dining room, an elongated cylinder made of smooth wood illuminates a £ 750 Kelly Wearstler table covered in black marble. In the piano room, the aging brass Guyon fixtures resemble a women’s necklace. A curved metal bar hangs horizontally and is wrapped with a delicate copper chain. In contrast to the charcoal gray fake silk wall coverings and the large black custom mirrors on the walls, the oversized brass Larose Guyon piece in the master bedroom hangs from the gold leaf ceiling.

Evanses began to see home lighting as an art and spent about $ 85,000 on lighting fixtures. “We spent more time, attention and money on lighting than on art,” says Boyd. “The process of discovery was really interesting. It’s about understanding what their extravagant words really were.”

Boyd replaced the hardwood floor of the house with large porcelain tiles.


The Wall Street Journal Lindsey Weather Spoon

Evans, who holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, is also very particular about the temperature of the lights. “Must be 4,000 Kelvin,” she says. “It’s a real color, something you’re used to seeing when you’re out.” In contrast, she continues. “3,000 Kelvin and 2,700 Kelvin are what most people have in their homes. They are very yellowish and change the way the paint and colors look in the house.”

If the lamp cannot accommodate a 4,000 Kelvin bulb, they will not buy it. “Michel calls me a light bulb Nazi,” she laughs.

Even couples of children have impressive lighting fixtures in their rooms. Four-year-old Jackson has a large fluffy cloud hanging from the ceiling. At night, he emits a gentle purple and blue that acts as a nightlight. Six-year-old Kennedy has three “wink” lights with pink fringes that resemble eyelashes.

“There are ways to make children live wonderfully,” says Boyd.

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