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Is rental property a good investment? Everything you need to know

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When Stock dip When rising inflationyou may wonder if buying a rental property is a good place to deposit your money.

It seems so simple: buy a house, rent it for a price that covers your mortgage, Stable cash in your pocket – All the while property values ​​are rising. plus, Rent soars all over the United States

But there are many things to consider. rising mortgage interest rates To local markets to find reliable tenants. There can be unexpected expenses. Here are some answers to common questions about buying a rental property.

Is it worth owning a rental property?

That can happen in the right circumstances, over time, and depending on your financial situation and goals.

If you can accept all expenses including taxes at once, even a few hundred dollars a month (income and local property), and if you contribute to the reserve for emergency expenses, rental properties can provide reliable returns over the long term. “Assuming a property is profitable, when that cash flow comes in, it gives us the opportunity to buy more of the same type of asset – buy more properties – or other types of assets. It can be obtained. [real estate] says Cynthia Meyer, a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) at Real Life Planning in Gladstone, New Jersey, who works with real estate investors.

Are rental properties a good investment now?

Especially if your financial house is in place, like interest rates risesays Meyer, a rental property can be a good long-term investment.

A rental property should generate monthly income, even if it’s just a few dollars at first. Do the math to make sure the property you’re considering is right for you. Talk to your financial advisor or local real estate expert.

“One thing I’ve often asked people is, ‘Does this deal make financial sense?’ It’s not, so expect me to say it’s a good idea,” says Meyer. “At the very least, the property should have zero net maintenance costs.”Is it difficult to manage a rental property?

There are many costs involved in setting up a rental property, including insurance, homeowners association fees, utility bills, advertising, cleaning, repairs over time, and rising. mortgage payment Taxes are some important factors, just to name a few.

Some rental property owners ask management companies to manage their properties. 8% to 12% of monthly rent Collected.

Renting a property as an investment can be a slower but more reliable source of income than reselling a home in the burgeoning real estate market. Home prices have surged over the past two years, but the frenetic pace has slowed.

How much profit should I make on my rental property?

Once you’ve done the math, even a small profit “per door” or per unit can become a valuable source of income over time, Meyer said, if you plan to hold the property for many years. increase.

For example, a net profit of $100 per month (after everything is paid) could be added. Typically, if rent increases by 3% to 5% a year, profits should increase as well.

“Twenty years later, this is a very strong rental income,” says Meyer. “And that doesn’t include gratitude.”

What loans are available for investment properties?

Owners of rental properties can apply mortgage like mortgage, but there is a very important difference. For one, the down payment is usually much larger.

Most lenders demand about 25% down on mortgages for rental properties, experts say.it is in contrast 6% to 7% It has been paid by homeowners in recent years.

Lenders consider mortgages on rental properties to be riskier than regular mortgages, as investors’ own mortgages are likely to take precedence during difficult times.

What is the best way to finance an investment property?

Of course, if you can buy the property with all your cash and still have some buffer money left over, that’s ideal. Note that real estate is considered an “illiquid” asset. Even if you put it in your pocket, you cannot immediately turn it into cash. Most real estate investors need or want a mortgage.

Before you apply, make sure you meet your budget and find out how. attract tenants We also have a clear idea of ​​property management costs.

What credit score do I need for an investment property?

Lenders tend to give borrowers the highest interest rates. A credit score of 760 or higher.

“If you score 680 or 700, can you get an investment property loan? Maybe, but you’ll only have to pay interest,” says Meyer.

What percentage of the rental property can I borrow?

it depends. In 2022, as interest rates rise, the strategy of buying a dilapidated property, renovating it, raising the rent, renting it out and buying another will become more difficult, Mayer said. To tell. Lenders want assurances that your mortgage will be paid in difficult times, and they will scrutinize your property closely before granting you a second loan.

Buyers of rental properties “need to be more careful about their numbers and interest rate assumptions,” says Meyer. “If interest rates are double what they were a year and a half ago, they can’t refinance and get equity and be cash flow positive on the property.”

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