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Is Florida actually cheaper than other states?

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West Palm Beach, Florida — About 500,000 people moved to Florida from other states last year.

The influx of people moving to the Sunshine State from other parts of the United States has not slowed. But one of the main reasons people move here can come at a cost in the long run.

It’s no surprise to see roads and highways exploding with traffic. There are thousands more drivers navigating the roads.

People who move to Florida from other states to save taxes may end up spending more on cars, housing, and health insurance.

Special Compensation: Price from paradise

There are many reasons why people are drawn to Florida.

“Taxes, mostly taxes, can get away with high taxes,” said Adam DeManche, a Greenacres resident.

“Of course the climate and, you know, taxes,” said Araceris Rodriguez, who plans to move to Florida from New York.


Araceris Rodriguez says she plans to move to Florida from Long Island.

Political perspectives and having a family here also drive people to the Sunshine State from other states.

From January 2022 to date, more than 500,000 people have waived their out-of-state licenses and obtained Florida licenses, according to data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Automobiles.

Demanche has noticed that the number of people has skyrocketed.

“Traffic is more excruciating than it used to be,” he said.

According to broker Melissa Cantway, Florida has no state income tax, cheap real estate prices and the weather are the top reasons people are still moving here.

“A property you buy here for $500,000 can cost $4 million in New York City,” says Cantway.

But are these new residents spending their savings elsewhere?

Real estate agent Melissa Cantway outlines housing costs in Florida compared to New York.


Real estate agent Melissa Cantway outlines housing costs in Florida compared to New York.

According to a survey by Insure.com, Florida has the highest annual auto insurance premiums and ranks 28th for the highest home insurance premiums, behind New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio. According to Forbes, Florida is her fourth-highest state for medical costs. Also, property taxes vary depending on the county you live in.

“It’s a little pricey, but remember we live in Nassau County,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez lives in Oyster Bay, Long Island and plans to move here. She made her family and her neighbors move out.

“Many of them are our age, in their 60s, and ready to look for a different lifestyle,” Rodriguez said.

But where in Florida you move also has an impact.

Real estate agent Karen Moody said what saves some people could cost more for others.

“I have clients who are like, ‘This is going down. It’s saved us a lot. We can put our kids in private school now,'” Moody said. “On the contrary, some clients are shocked to come here.”

Money is a big factor, but don’t underestimate the power of beautiful sunny days and warm weather.

“I mean, we love it here,” Rodriguez said. “It’s so beautiful.”

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