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Inside the Expenses of Developer Alex Sapir, Wife Amid Divorce

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Photo illustrations by Alex Sapir and Yanina Sapir (Getty, Google Maps, Facebook)

Ever wonder how wealthy people spend their money?

For developers Alex Sapir‘s wife, Yanina, donated $400,000 to attend Burning Man, spends $6,000 a month on clothing, $5,000 on monthly boat fare, and over $15,000 a month on house managers. real.

Janina, who filed for divorce last year, estimates her monthly expenses total about $175,000, or just over $2 million annually. This includes Mr. and Mrs. Sapir’s private school tuition for her two children ($40,400 at Miami Country Days and $20,300 at Montessori School in Miami Beach) and a monthly fee of $2,600 to pay a handyman and a driver for the children. Includes dollars. Her attorney did not immediately respond to her request for comment.

Alex is the son of the late Tamir Sapir, founder of the Sapir Organization based in New York City. He recently completed the sale of his 16-unit luxury condominium, Alte, in Surfside and sold his unit to the last developer. for $17 millionAlex Sapir currently leads the Sapir Org. and he plans to work on Sapir Corp. Main development Next near Miami’s Edgewater and Arts & Entertainment Districts.

Alex and Janina got married in 2010 in Miami Beach.Yanina file for divorce In April 2022, she sought child support and alimony from her husband based on the lifestyle they shared during their marriage, court filings show.

In addition to expensive Burning Man trips, housekeeping and boat outings, that lifestyle includes $5,000 in other expenses (monthly), $300 (weekly) in yoga classes, $300 in anatomy gyms. membership (amount not disclosed), and $2,800. “Housework help” (monthly).

Aerial view of the home of the Venetian Islands in Sapia

Aerial view of Sapia’s home of the Venetian Islands (Google Maps)

A company affiliated with the Sapirs paid $17.3 million for their shared 7,300-square-foot waterfront modern home in the Venetian Islands in 2018. This house is where Yanina currently lives. name. The trust acquired her small, old house in December 2021 for just over $11 million.

My monthly mortgage payment totals about $21,000, and my monthly property taxes are about the same.

This month, Yanina’s attorney, Barbara Diaz of Olshan, Spann & Fernandez-Mesa, also asked the court to issue an order giving Yanina exclusive use and ownership of the couple’s home. The court alleges that it was done after bringing in a real estate agent to view the house without notice or asking for permission.

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