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Inside a $150 million Hamptons summer home for sale

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A seaside property in Southampton, listed at $150 million, is the most expensive property in the Hamptons for sale and is struggling to move off the market.

The site, called La Dune, is likely to be used as a summer home and attracts small buyers, presumably millionaires who can afford to pay the bills. Even the Hamptons rarely make more than $100 million in sales.

Named after the sand dunes behind it, La Dune spans approximately 4 acres with 2 homes, 2 pools and a sunken tennis court on 2 adjoining lots.

Finding a buyer for the sprawling lot, which includes a classic Hamptons-style shingled main house originally built over 100 years ago and a second home on an adjacent lot built in the early 2000s, is not easy to find. was.

The pair of beachfront homes with two pools and tennis courts in the foreground of the photo are the La Dune estates.

Liam Gifkins

“This house is the furthest from demolition, but if the house wasn’t here, this lot alone would be worth $50 million each,” Nest Seekers list agent Shawn Elliott told CNBC.

And Elliot promises that La Dune’s pricing wasn’t designed just to grab headlines.

“I believe this is a very realistic price point to attract buyers in this market,” said Elliot, who lists the home with Jeff Gifkins.

Aerial view of La Dune Estate from above the ocean.

Liam Gifkins

This property sits on over 400 feet of premier beachfront along Gin Lane, sometimes referred to as ‘Billionaire’s Beach’. He is one of the rarest strips of white sand in the world.

“In real estate, you always know it’s place, place, place and not a cliché,” Elliot said. “You really are at the 50-yard line of wealth alone.”

In 2016, La Dune owner, art magazine publisher and collector Louise Brouin put the property up for sale to Sotheby’s International at an asking price of $140 million. At that time, there were no takers.

Over the years the residence has been listed as a summer rental. This year his one month stay will cost him $1.2 million.

Located on the third floor of the main building, the primary suite offers impressive ocean views.

Liam Gifkins

The home has been on and off the market since 2016, and Blouin is reportedly facing potential foreclosure and bankruptcy court proceedings to maintain control of the property.

She relisted La Dune in a new brokerage firm in August and increased the demand to $150 million.

If the team at Nest Seekers can get closer to the compounds their customers want, they’ll break the all-time record at the Hamptons.

living room of the main house.

Liam Gifkins

Only five properties in the Hamptons have sold for more than $100 million, according to public records analyzed by Jonathan Miller, president of Miller Samuel, a real estate appraisal and consulting firm.

The previous record is still held in 2014 when three separate contiguous parcels spanning 16 acres at 60-64 Father Lane in East Hampton were sold for $137 million.

Public records show that the two most recent nine-figure transactions both took place at Water Mill, a hamlet in the town of Southampton, about two miles east of La Dune.

The 42-acre Fordune property sold for a record $105 million in 2021.


First, the 42-acre, 20,000-square-foot beachfront property known as Fordune was sold in a large scale. 90 joule pound driveThe former Ford family estate first went public in 2017 for $175 million and spent nearly four years on the market before selling for $105 million in 2021.

2022 saw an even bigger sale with a quiet off-market purchase of 70 Cobb Road for a record $118 million. Its property, which is on a creek rather than the sea, consisted of his four contiguous plots spanning about 21 acres. The sale included two of his homes that together offer over 32,000 square feet of living space. The megadeal is the Hamptons’ second-largest ever sale.

The Atlantic Ocean provides a stunning backdrop for the mansions for sale in Southampton’s Gin Lane.

Liam Gifkins

Let’s take a closer look at the latest compound vying for a spot in our short list of summer homes that have sold for over $100 million.

La Dune’s parents’ living room.

Liam Gifkins

According to the listing, the La Dune compound spans four acres with 21,000 square feet of living space spread across two homes.

Gravel road leading to main building at 376 Gin Lane.

Liam Gifkins

The four-story main residence at 366 Jin Lane spans over 11,000 square feet.

La Dune Estate’s second residence has its own swimming pool.

Liam Gifkins

The three-story second home at 376 Gin Lane, which owner Blouin calls “the family home,” is over 9,600 square feet.

One of the main suites on the second floor of my parents’ house.

Liam Gifkins

The pair of mansions include a total of 19 bedrooms and 16 baths.

The library in the villa of the mansion

Liam Gifkins

The bottom level of the so-called family home has a gym, steam room, bar, billiard room and home theater.

home theater.

Liam Gifkins

The family kitchen in the main building is one of several on the property.

Liam Gifkins

There are several kitchens on the estate, including a large staff kitchen for catering events on the ground floor of the main house. There is also a more modest family kitchen upstairs.

The pool in the main building is flanked by two bars and white columns.

Liam Gifkins

Blouin told CNBC one of the reasons she’s selling her Hamptons home is because she and her children spend most of their time in Europe instead of Southampton.

Decks and stairs leading to 400 feet of sand on Southampton’s exclusive beachfront.

Liam Gifkins

According to public records, property taxes for both lots that make up the La Dune compound total approximately $130,000 annually.

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