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Infill moderns priced around $800K bound for historic Westview

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They’re not the first modern homes built in Westview, a historic bungalow neighborhood in southwestern Atlanta, nor are they on the list of most expensive homes ever.

But as this month’s list suggests, a pair of decidedly modern infill projects stand out at Westview for better or worse.

According to Norman & Associates Atlanta, both Triton Homes home projects will occupy vacant lots within a few blocks of the Westside Trail on the Atlanta Beltline and are expected to be completed by early summer next year at the latest. list.

540 Willard Avenue Southwest Site and surrounding Westview homes. Taken in March. google map

A three-story plan for 540 Willard Avenue, published this month. Triton Homes/Norman & Associates via Atlanta

Both are asking around $800,000. This is a price that, just a few years ago, would have been unthinkable for all but the grandest West End homes in this area of ​​Atlanta (and many others).

Redfin projects a 14% rise in median Westview home prices over July 2021, continuing a steep upward trend.

Over the past few years, 20 Westview homes have sold for over $500,000. modern style residence It topped that list at $710,000 in April on Ontario Avenue. (Clearly more traditional home It currently sells for $667,500 in May, making it the second highest-grossing game. way more— now in Westview.)

The most expensive of the two modern homes in question at $829,000 listed last week is located at 540 Willard Avenue SW, about a block west of the Westside Trail. Not by chance, we get a stronger walk score of 66.

The 7,500-square-foot lot has 3 floors with 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. The entire third floor serves as the main suite, with its own balcony.

Triton Homes/Norman & Associates via Atlanta

The home’s square footage is not specified, but the listing ensures that the floor plan is “uniquely designed for the most discerning buyer.”

The lot itself was sold to Triton Holdings LLC in late 2020 for $165,000, records show.

Meanwhile, the sister modern project heads to 1666 S. Gordon Street Southwest, about four blocks off the Westside Trail. Listed at $799,000.

The site at 1666 S. Gordon Street in Westview. google map

The lot is actually larger (9,500 square feet) and the planned home has a similar number of rooms per listing: 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms.

The lot sold for $145,000 two years ago, according to property records. Here, 46 tracks have a low walk score, classifying the location as ‘vehicle dependent’.

Take a closer look at the site context and project renderings in the gallery above.

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