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In Strathmere, a couple built their Jersey Shore home from scratch

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As a kid, Andy Glemser’s summers were sandy, surfing and playing with his 20 cousins ​​in Sea Isle City. Even after he got married and had his three children, his family continued its summer ceremonies at his duplex in Sea Isle City. In January 2020, when they were competing for parking space and needed a larger single-family home, the Glemsers decided it was time to move.

They found plenty in the next town to the north, Strathmere. There, I was able to build my dream home on a quiet street just steps from the beach. We had a driveway and plenty of space to keep making summer memories.

“Coming to the coast is a reason for everyone to come together,” said pharmaceutical consultant Andy. “Life is busy, but it slows down here. Growing up here has allowed me to stay close to my family and extended family. We have endless stories and memories together.” I want the same for my children.”

Andy and his wife Tina have sold their home in Sea Isle City, purchased land in Strathmere, selected Mashura Builders in Ocean View, and made their must-have list. Then came the pandemic.

“We were homeless for two years,” recalls Tina, a rental property manager. “We thought she would be in her new home in six months, but COVID-19 has delayed everything.”

Luckily, the family who lives in the Lehigh Valley when not on the beach had many relatives visiting Sea Isle City. So while their home was on hold, their beach traditions continued. We finally moved into our new house in April of this year.

Their priority was to fit as many bedrooms into the four-story house as possible while taking advantage of the stunning beach views. The 3,600-square-foot modern coastal home has 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms and features traditional accents. The front deck is unique in that it is flanked by curved beams, adding to its architectural appeal.

“The front deck slopes so another house doesn’t block the view, and the roof deck is even better,” says Tina. The rooftop deck offers her 360-degree views of the island, and guests gather in cozy loveseats around her fire pit. Two of the bedrooms share an additional deck.

The home’s décor has a fun, casual beach vibe in calm teals, light greens, blues, and whites. Tina decorated her bedroom with inspiration from artwork given to her by her daughter Makena and her dear friend Ginger Nadel. For example, the “Hawaii Room” was created around a watercolor makena of sea turtles that the couple saw in Hawaii.

The home’s open floor plan allows for easy flow, with the kitchen serving as an indoor gathering place. Tina doesn’t consider herself an avid cook, but she loves when her guests enjoy their meals and she appreciates everyone helping out.

“No matter how big you make the rest of the house, everyone gathers in the kitchen,” Tina said. “I come from a small family and married into a large Irish Catholic family. The more, the better!”

Andy’s favorite spot is the living room. The south and east facing windows let in plenty of sunshine, nice breezes and great views.

This room contains a chrome clock with a black dial on a wooden tripod. This is his one of their favorite pieces with an interesting backstory. They purchased a watch in North Carolina, but had to store it due to a lengthy construction project.

“When it finally arrived, it had holes and rust all over the bottom of the chrome,” recalls Tina.

It turned out that the watch had been stored with a battery that had corroded during two years of storage. By that time, the watch had been discontinued and new models had significantly increased in price. Most importantly, she loved what she had.

“I thought I’d just leave it at that, set it to 5:00, and put a note that said ‘It’s 5:00… I’m here!'” Tina said of the non-moving clock.

Luckily, her father-in-law, Ray Glemther, saw the challenge. He replaced the battery compartment, rewired it, removed the rust and was able to get the clock working again.

“He saved the day,” she said.

They are able to work remotely and are looking forward to spending as much time as possible in their new shelter, including during the mild winter months. They are already making plans for the whole family to get together for Thanksgiving.

“We got to know a lot of our neighbors on the street and they were all very welcoming,” said Tina. “It’s a real hometown feel here. Everyone is so proud of their town.”

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