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In Palm Beach, a Maya Lin-Designed Condo Lists for $26.5 Million

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When Irving and Joyce Wolfe bought their Florida penthouse for $6 million in 2000, they took one of the most recognizable names in the world of art and architecture and renovated it. DC

Maya Lin and Daniel Wolfe in 2017.


Patrick McMullan/PMC/Getty Images

According to Corcoran Group’s Dana Koch, Lin built a “sleek look” in his nearly 5,000-square-foot beachfront condo in Palm Beach, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, seamless door hinges, and recessed outlets. It gave it a ‘contemporary style’ aesthetic. She’s pitching the property with her mother and colleague Paulette Koch.

The wolf has since passed away, and the four-bedroom condo is listed for $26.5 million, Koch said. If it sells for anywhere near that amount, he said the high water mark for condos is in his late teens, Palm He would set a beach record.

Known for his large-scale artwork, Lin has designed museums, school buildings, and several private homes. She was married to art her collector and dealer Daniel Wolf, one of her sons in the Wolf family, until he died last year. In her email, she said she designed the condo as a gift for her in-laws.

“The first apartment we saw had a nice view of the water, but was separated by a more traditional separation of formal rooms,” she said.

Lin opened up the space and, like her other projects, chose natural wood and stone, including blues and pale limestone that “help reflect and respond to the colors of the ocean.”

The result is a space that seems to merge with the ocean, “everything coming together,” says Matthew Wolfe, the Wolf’s other son.

Koch said the condo has a library and a terrace of about 1,300 square feet. Koch said the home’s nine-foot-high ceilings made it an ideal place for the Woolfs, who were major collectors of American art, to display their work. The entrance foyer features walnut floors and bleached wood panel walls.

Erving Wolf, who died in 2018, was an oil and gas executive. He and his wife, who died this year, donated a gallery of American art to New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. In addition to their Palm Beach condo, they also had homes in Texas and Colorado, Matthew Wolfe said.

This building is one of the few condos in Palm Beach that directly faces the ocean.


Living Proof/Corcoran Group

Koch said the asking price reflects the rarity of the home as well as the size of the apartment. There are only a few oceanfront condos in Palm Beach, he said, and buyers are willing to pay a premium for prime locations. “It’s all about supply and demand,” he said. “Properties with these views rarely come up.”

The median condo sales price in Palm Beach was $2.4 million in the second quarter, up 79.2% from a year earlier, according to appraisal firm Miller Samuel. Koch said prices for luxury goods in Palm Beach have generally risen, but sales have slumped due to limited inventory. “If there is more to sell, it will sell.”

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