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In Miami’s High-End Home Market, the Makers of Fast Cars Are Designing Condos, Too

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drive around Miami You’ll be fascinated by the wealth of luxury car brands you won’t find anywhere else. And now, these brands can also be seen on the Miami skyline.

In recent years, elite automakers have condominium Builders creating luxury branded homes adorned with flashy amenities and luxurious services.

“Cars are a big part of the lifestyle of people in Miami,” said Jon Mann, a real estate agent at Jills Zeder Group who has sold units at the Porsche Design Tower and Aston Martin Residences. “These brands are looking for ways to set themselves apart and make them feel more special to high net worth individuals who have the resources to buy something. We want to build a closer bond with

1100 Millicent by Italian automotive design firm Pininfarina in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood was the first tower to be branded with a scarlet interior designed by Pininfarina that mirrored the exteriors of Ferrari and Maserati. Next, Porsche Design’s His Tower in Sunny Isles Beach will be built in 2017, followed by Aston’s His Martin Residence, due to open in downtown Miami later this year. The Bentley-designed tower, also downtown, is scheduled to open in 2026.

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Fast car manufacturers have to design for a fast-paced market. Miami condo developers are looking to differentiate their homes from their competitors, and these partnerships are helping their towers stand out from the crowd.

“Miami is a mature market where everything already exists,” says Gil Dezer, president of Dezer Development, which built the Porsche Design Tower and is working on the Bentley Residence next door. “Everybody is trying to differentiate their products.”

Exterior of the Porsche Design Tower inside the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida.

John Parra/Correspondent/Getty Images

Made to “enjoy toys”

As the purchasing power of Miami buyers grows, so does their preference for exclusive and rare properties.

“It’s always been ‘place, place, place,'” Mann said. “The developers then started to focus on technology, creating a kind of separation between themselves. And then they added Star Architects. Now it’s an iteration towards the brand.”

Branded homes have been around for years. Most of them are collaborations with hotels like the Ritz-Carlton Residences around the world and Waldorf’s Astoria Towers in Manhattan. About five of his overseas prime buyers, he said, are willing to pay a premium for branded residences. According to a study by Knight Frank We have over 900 clients worldwide.

The automotive brand is relatively new to the game, and it makes sense that they chose Miami, a city internationally renowned for its luxury cars and culture. It is one of the four cities hosting the Michelin starred restaurant shareand, as of 2022, had a ten-year deal with Formula One to host the Miami Grand Prix.

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“Miami is increasingly becoming one of the most important cities in the world. $59 million. “Miami is the Monaco of the Americas.”

The Sky Lobby of the Aston Martin Residences in downtown Miami.

Aston Martin Residence

It also has a long-standing reputation among international investors, mostly from Latin America and Russia, who enjoy having a second home where they can safely show off their money.

“In Latin America, people certainly don’t want to show off their wealth for security reasons,” Mann said. “Some people from Venezuela and Colombia have to drive with bulletproof windows, but they have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their business success and don’t have to worry about safety. is coming here.”

As Arjanati says, “Miami is a city of toys.”

These branded homes are built for just that. Residents of the Porsche Design Tower have the option of purchasing additional garage space with windows overlooking the sea. Aston Martin Residences also offers exclusive cars with the purchase of certain top-floor penthouses.

Aston Martin Residences also offers exclusive cars with the purchase of certain top-floor penthouses.

Aston Martin Residence

With each new tower, the list of amenities is deceptively long. A novelty when Deser introduced it to Porsche Design his tower, the Kerr his elevator is now a design element in both his Aston Martin Residents and future Bentley his towers. The Porsche Design Tower has a full-sized pool on each balcony. Aston Martin Residences include access to a luxury superyacht marina. At Bentley Tower, residents can entertain guests at the whiskey bar and cigar lounge.

A rendering of the Bentley Tower Cigar Lounge.

design development

Each home is designed to mimic the experience of owning one of these luxury automobile brands. At the Porsche Tower, owners may notice a faint scent inside the car, as it permeates the entire lobby. The exterior of the Bentley Tower is covered with a diamond pattern that owners can recognize from the stitching of the seats. The Aston Martin Residences buildings are designed to mirror the curves of a sports car.

“Opening the doors of an Aston Martin doubles the senses,” says Arjanati. “The smell of leather, the touch of wood on the door, it envelops your spirit. That is the exact emotional philosophy that we seek to reflect in the Aston Martin Residence.”

The exterior of the Bentley Tower is covered with a diamond pattern that owners can recognize from the stitching of the seats.

design development

Homes for Miami’s Unique Lifestyle

However, for some buyers, it’s more about attraction than brand loyalty.

Joey Goldman, co-chairman of Miami-based Goldman Properties, purchased a 6,000-square-foot condominium in the Porsche Design Tower three years ago, making it his family’s primary residence.

Despite living in a Porsche building, Goldman is often seen driving around town in a Rolls-Royce or a Cadillac Escalade. He says he loves his car, and the storage space the building provides, but more than that, he loves the privacy and convenience of having access to it from his own apartment.

“Porsche Tower is the only building where you can have a house-sized apartment with a pool on the balcony, a garage in the living room, and a view of the ocean,” Goldman said.

“My wife and I can go out to dinner with my daughter. She can fall asleep in the car. can be carried straight to bed,” he said. “You can live in a beautiful high-rise building with high security, but it’s like she has a garage as if she’s on the first floor.”

For car collectors, rarity is everything. Buyers feel the same way about these tower residences.

“These buyers want things like art and jewelry,” says Mann. “It’s a rare and unique object that they use and enjoy on the beach.”

That’s why Goldman says it’s unthinkable to sell.

“It’s unique in the world,” Goldman said. “I feel really lucky.”

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