Home News In biggest SF home sale of 2022, mansion reportedly bought by Manchester United owners

In biggest SF home sale of 2022, mansion reportedly bought by Manchester United owners

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A historic red brick mansion atop Pacific Heights sold for $34.5 million, making it the most expensive home sale in San Francisco so far this year.

Just days after Mark Zuckerberg’s Liberty Hill home was sold claimed the same titleThe sale of this mansion in Broadway’s famous Gold Coast neighborhood has taken the mantle.

The buyer of the property at 2790 Broadway, an LLC named Sprinkle Wonderland, Related to the billionaire Glazer family, reporting real deals. LLC closed his 12,000-square-foot mansion on July 11. record showThat rocks out at a cost of about $2,840 per square foot for a 14-room home.

Brothers Avram, Joel, Kevin, Bryan, Darcy and Edward Glaser own the 2020 Super Bowl champions Tampa Bay Buccaneers and English football giants Manchester United. Their father, First His Allied His Corporation founder Malcolm Glazer, had an estimated fortune of $4.7 billion when he died in 2014. According to Forbes.

Built in 1927, this Beaux Arts mansion was designed by Arthur Brown Jr., the architect responsible for City Hall and the San Francisco Opera House. Its first residents included Frank His Fuller His Jr., heir to the Whittier and Fuller Paint and Glass Fortune.address made the news in 1928 When Fuller crashes a small plane in Monterey, killing two passengers. Fuller barely survived and returned to Pacific His Heights.

2790 Broadway, San Francisco.

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It was later home to American Ambassador to Italy and businessman James D. Zellerbach. His dispatch on the state of communism in Europe in the late 1950s enthusiastically covered by the mediaoften with pictures of Zellerbach in his study in a mansion overlooking the bay.

The mansion was recently home to noted art collectors Nora and Norman Stone, who have filled the space with sculptures by Jeff Koons and other contemporary art. When he couldn’t fit more art into his sprawling living space, the couple built his 6,000-square-foot “art cave” on their Napa Valley estate, according to Architectural Digest. I profiled a house and a couple in 2016. Last year Norman Stone passed away.

apart from market cooling San Francisco has seen a spike in activity at the top in recent months. When former Secretary of State George Schultz sold his two Russian Hill penthouses before Zuckerberg’s home sold for $31 million, the city made its most expensive condo sale ever. saw. Sold for $29 million last month.

If the Glazer family moved to the famous Gold Coast precinct, they would be within Senators Larry Ellison, Marc Benioff and Diane Feinstein’s block.

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