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In a Sea Of Branded Residences, Buyers Are Choosing Flexibility

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According to Erin Boisson Aries, new opportunities in real estate are emerging in the area of ​​branded homes to fit the lifestyles of increasingly nomadic buyers. She leads the eponymous team of luxury real estate agents at Douglas Elliman in New York.

At the crossroads of the hotel, condominium and Rentals, Aries leads sales at Nomad’s Ritz-Carlton Residences. 16 1 and 2 bedroom first half contracts Piedateles We broke a neighborhood record price per square foot.

The problem is that owners can’t put down permanent roots in NoMad in hotel residences, which range from $4 million to $7.2 million. can live This “tells where we are in the world and what buyers want,” Aries said.

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Acting as a condo-hotel hybrid, the model will meet the demand for hotel amenities and services while owners are in town, and for property management when they are away, Aries said. “It’s a great feature to be able to put the pieda tale into the rental program,” she said.

Mr. Aries has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing of luxury real estate in New York with Brown Harris Stevens, Christie’s International Real Estate and now Douglas Elliman.

Mansion Global caught up with Aries to talk about New York real estate and wealthy homeowners following the trend towards a roving lifestyle.

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Mansion Global: What sparked your interest in new developments during your career in luxury real estate?

EBAs: When I fell in love with architecture and design, I became passionate about new developments. I worked on my first project, his HL23, at 515 West 23rd St. just before West Chelsea turned into the art and architecture hub of New York. It was 11 units cantilevered on the high line. From there, I was responsible for the concept, marketing and sales of the Norman Foster building at 551 West 21st St. It was a $450 million sellout. I had the privilege of working with Foster and Partners to pioneer a market for these luxury condominiums in a time when West Chelsea did not exist.That was the beginning of my appreciation for all the details: impeccable craftsmanship, design, flow of space, light, scenery and who we designed for. home and products of this kind did not exist in West Chelsea. They were later modeled [Rosario] Candela and [J.E.R.] It was a carpenter’s apartment on the Upper East Side, but it was an incredible success.

MG: What are the biggest trends you see with your customers?

EBAs: Even at 551 West 21st St., a trend we were already starting to see was people falling in love and wanting to buy these condos, but more often than not they were empty. When New York closed, I had to be in New York to use it. So buying some of these larger properties and furnishing them was much more of a commitment. I prefer having the flexibility of being able to put my belongings in the owner’s closet and close everything. For them, and all they have to do is leave. This is a very interesting trend in the market, and one that has been very successful with Ritz-Carlton Residences.

MG: What makes short stays so successful at branded residences like Ritz-Carlton Residences?

EBAs: Along with the excitement surrounding the opening of the hotel, we are also responding to a significant number of calls from interested buyers. It’s a perfect pied-a-tail. Ritz Carlton is a very trustworthy brand so it works. Today’s buyers demand a higher experience in terms of service, customized amenities and, of course, brands that everyone knows and trusts.Besides, you have [Michelin-starred] Chef Jose Andrés offers this incredible culinary experience to hotel guests and penthouse residents. It’s a very active model.

MG: How do you go about selling and marketing your Ritz-Carlton Residences with a premium price point and limited length of stay?

EBAs: The idea was to take advantage of the top four floors. This is always reserved for the largest penthouses with at least 4 bedrooms, if not 7 or more, in new developments and usually he starts at $30 million to $60 million. The decision was made to make these a graceful one and two, placing these Piez-a-Terre at the top of the building with the most special view of downtown, literally from river to river, not just the view of the Empire State Building. I was. bedroom house. The concept behind it is that New York has moved from primarily primary-based housing to second, third, or fourth homes. Some have moved to Florida, the suburbs, or the Hamptons, but wanted to maintain a foothold in New York City, at the heart of much that this particular neighborhood has to offer. wanted to manage the house. So you can switch back to the rental program when you’re not in town.

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MG: What other projects do you have planned?

EBAs: On the same theme is Fasano Fifth Avenue. It is a branded residence of the same type, but we offer it by charter. The Fasano is his 5-star hospitality brand in Brazil owned by JHFS International. Four duplexes and seven guest suites, all designed by Thierry W. Depont. The comfort and convenience I was talking about at the Ritz-Carlton, but the minimum stay is 30. We are asking for $140,000 a month and we are fully booked. An interesting concept that appeals to today’s travelers, international sets and even locals renovating their homes.

MG: What is your personal definition of luxury?

EBAs: I am very passionate about architecture and the concept of living well. If you’re talking about luxury real estate, the real test for me is when you strip away all the marketing gimmicks and still have what you need. Perfect scale and proportions, impeccable craftsmanship and design, endless light and views, and of course, customized services and amenities. The theme for me has always been timelessness and elegance.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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