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Images: Midtown’s next high-rise declared under construction

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A mixed-use venture has been announced today on the characteristic streets of Atlanta, with what is called a unique approach to the livability of the city and over 450 new homes are officially under construction.

State real estate company PMG and Toronto-based private equity and wealth management company Graybrook Realty Partners have announced a formal breakthrough in a 31-story mixed-use project called Society Atlanta. Field work is underway for several weeks at the 811PeachtreeStreet property.

The 460 apartment project qualifies for what PMG calls it social life A multi-family platform means that you will be offered a blend of traditional rental and communal living, or a “rent by bedroom” option. The concept was created “to meet the insatiable demand for reasonable rent near the city center,” according to PMG and Graybrook officials.

A 31-story Society Atlanta project from the south. Courtesy of PMG; Design, Cooper Carry

Beyond the apartment, the building provides 81,000 square feet of office space and 16,500 square feet of retail space. It is scheduled to open in the second half of 2024.

Facilities include a rooftop pool and restaurant (on the podium of the parking lot), a coworking lab called “Large”, a “Vast Modern Gym” and a fitness studio.

The building designed by Cooper Carrie claims ground parking on the southeast corner of the Peach Tree and on 6th Avenue. The expensive 1.27-acre parcel sold for $ 20.3 million in September, according to a PMG representative based in Newyork and Miami.

The parking lot in question where No. 6 meets Peach Tree Street. Google map

Approaching from the north, the lower floors of the tower. Courtesy of PMG; Design, Cooper Carry

For years, the Integral Group had planned a visually striking apartment tower. EVIVA Peach Tree But for the site but finally walked the road in 2018 and reopened a lot for the parking lot.

Over 8,500 units are planned nationwide as part of the development of Society Living, including Society Las Olas in downtown Fort Lauderdale, which opened in 2020. Other units in Miami, Orlando, Brooklyn, Denver and Nashville are under construction or under construction.

The northern façade of social Atlanta. Courtesy of PMG; Design, Cooper Carry

Below are the highlights of the development team’s prepared statement about the Society Atlanta project and Midtown in general, emailed today.

Ryan Shear, managing partner of PMG, said Midtown is “growing tremendously” and his company is bullish on the Society project.

Sami Muaket, director of US investment development at Graybrook, said other Society Living ventures have been “very strong” so far. “Given the strong fundamentals of the region, with a particular focus on the major metros in the southeast, the Society Atlanta allows us to enter markets that we have long been interested in,” Mouaket said. Said. “Atlanta, especially the Midtown submarket, has shown extraordinary resilience in recent years.”

Jenny Williams, Associate Principal of Cooper Carrie’s multipurpose studio, said the project was “woven directly into the urban fabrics of Peachtree Street,” “impressive design and features such as outdoor dining to make the city’s best roads. It will be activated. ”

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