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‘Illegal’ Upper East Side Tower Blasted As Site Is Sold For $61M

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Upper East Side, NY — A 400-foot luxury tower could soon be built on the rapidly changing Upper East Side block — despite protests from local experts, the plan is significant in the zoning code. It is said that it is in violation.

The plan requires a 33-story, 420-foot-high tower on 1299 Third Avenue between East 74th and 75th Streets.beginning preview Five years ago, the project was back in the last few months. sold out For $ 61 million to new developer Elad Group.

“I’ve seen a lot of bulls-not there-this is what the building is illegal, it’s absolutely illegal,” said George Janes. City planning The person who submitted the formal zoning Challenge I opposed the project on behalf of a friend of the preservation group Upper East Side.

The tower, which includes 47 apartments, will be built primarily on the empty mid-block parcels of Third Avenue. It also includes a one-story entrance to the backyard of a five-story Nagaya in the south corner of the block, which includes restaurants JG Melon and Mesaluna. (Both of these buildings will remain standing.)

It was the entrance to the one-story building that caused the wrath of zoning, not the tower itself. Facing East 74th Street, the entrance is only 14 feet high. Zoning code To govern most Upper East Side Avenues, the base of tall towers should be at least 60 feet high. This is part of an effort to maintain light and air at street height by keeping the tower away from the ground.

The short one-story entrance (right, surrounded by red) passes through the backyard of the adjacent Nagaya and leads to East 74th Street (left). (Google Maps / NYCDOB)

“Absolutely crazy”

However, Janes’s objection, filed in February 2021, was finally dismissed by the Construction Department last week. In search of comment, a DOB spokesperson upheld the agency’s decision, stating that the 14-foot entrance was a legal addition to the next rowhouse. Submission Apart project..

Janes called the conclusion “absolutely crazy” and told Patch that neighboring conservationists were considering whether to file additional objections to the DOB’s approval. He said he was worried about the zoning precedent, but admitted that approving the entrance to the one-story building might not have a dramatic impact on the cityscape.

The tower is designed by SLCE Architects. Other major projects of SLCE Architects include Super Thor 432 Park Avenue And 19 stories Beckford House Located on East 81st Street.

The project also meanders to the north side of the block, with a five-story building built on 204 East 75th St. and now a four-story brick walk-up. (Google Maps / NYCDOB)

Developer Elad is an Israeli-American company that also owns the Downtown Plaza Hotel and Metropolitan Life Tower.As a real deal First reportedElad purchased the site in April at 1299 Third Ave. from a joint team of former owners Premier Equities, Continental Ventures, and Thor Equities.

In response, the company said the building would include a luxurious condo with a unique limestone facade and “attractive amenity suites.”

“We are eager to bring to market new buildings that are both architectural and design-enhanced, as well as complementing the heritage of the neighborhood,” Elad’s president Orly Daniell said in a statement.

The plan for the first tower is Submission In 2018, the developers started hand over Earlier this year, we revised the city’s plans, suggesting that the city is rejuvenating.

The tower occupies a vacant lot on 1301 Third Avenue and an adjacent row house. Formerly home to Benefit Cosmetics, it needs to be dismantled. According to the plan, the tower will also be supported by cantilever over the remaining tenement houses on the south side.

Another developer on the north side of the same block is planning an 18-story residential tower. (Google map)

In addition to the tower and short entrance, the project meanders to the north side of the block, a five-story building was built on 204 East 75th St., and now has a four-story brick walk-up. The lot was included in last month’s $ 61 million purchase, along with a vacant tower site.

If the block sounds familiar, there’s a good reason. The north side of the same block is also set to be converted by development. The corner, which used to have restaurants such as low-rise buildings, bistro steaks, and candle cafes, Cleared by developer EJS group With a plan to Build an 18-story apartment towerAs the patch reported last week.

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