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Iconic Greenwich Village Bookstore Shuttering Due To Rent Hike

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Greenwich Village, NY — The iconic non-repressive non-imperialist bargain book in Greenwich Village will be closed at the end of June due to rent increases, long-time owner Jim Drugas told Patch. rice field.

34 Carmine St.’s bookstore has been servicing the neighborhood for over 30 years.

“I’ve been having fun for the last few years, I’m not discouraged,” Drougas told the patch. “I’m hoping something really will come out. We’ve had a big impact and a lot of people have been very supportive.”

“For now, I’m pretty determined to keep it somewhere, even if we have to shut it down,” Drougas said.

Drougas is currently looking for another place to move the bookstore.

He told Patch that those locations were different distances from Lower Manhattan, but he said, “hopefully in the village.”

In terms of looking for help from the community, Drougas said he could launch a fundraiser page once he chose a location. This allows you to show people the specific purpose for which the funds go.

Drougas also said he was open to sharing the new space with another business. This is what non-repressive non-imperialist bargain books have done in Carmine Street Comics over the last decade.

The non-repressive non-imperialist bargain book needs to be closed not only by the end of June, but also completely wiped out. In other words, you don’t know exactly the last day.

A non-repressive non-imperialist bargain book, Website “A New York-based specialty bookstore with carefully selected art, fiction, philosophy, spirituality, music and more! Books are always less than half the retail price.”

This store is immersed in the history of a very special type of Lower Manhattan.

New York Times paper From 2017, we analyze what was one of the four Manhattan headquarters in 2016 for the Bernie Sanders presidential election campaign and how it housed the library that occupied Wall Street in 2011.

A constant recommendation by The Village Voice.

The Instagram account Vanishing NY was one of the first places to share the news that non-repressive non-imperialist bargain books have closed their homes for many years.

The devastation of the comments section of Vanishing NY’s post on the closure happened quickly.

“People really hurt,” wrote one. Another commentator added, “The last fort cannot go down!”

“It really hurts, greed is killing the city,” another person wrote in response to an Instagram post.

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