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‘I Pay $1,100 a Month To Live In a 6 Ft Wide Manhattan Apartment’

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In September 2020, I moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Originally, I moved to New York in 2017 from Albany to study. There are many opportunities in New York and I felt that I have many friends here, so I decided to stay.

While looking for an apartment to rent in Manhattan, I found a small box room 6 feet wide for $1,000. Due to COVID, we were unable to see it in person. At first, it was so small that the idea of ​​moving there was silly.

So I kept looking for other apartments. However, the more I thought and compared the prices, the more I kept returning to the small apartments I saw. I started thinking.

Searching for real estate deals in New York

For New York, especially Manhattan, I felt the price of the apartment was cheap. I couldn’t believe it at first, but since all the other utilities were included in the overall monthly cost, I thought it couldn’t be real.

Alexander Verheag lives in a six-foot-wide apartment in Manhattan.
Alexander Berheeg

After moving in, the main process in renovating the apartment was to consider the most practical and functional options. For example, have a mini table for eating and working rather than a dining room table. It was a challenge for me to find the right furniture for my apartment, as I had to buy a narrow and small piece of furniture.

Originally there was a bed in the back of the room and a twin mattress that I used as a sofa, but recently I bought a sofa bed to have more space and it’s still on the other side of the room. is in Originally, flats do not have kitchens, and bathrooms are shared. So, on the other side of the door under the sink, instead of the big oven, we created a mini-he kitchen area with a small plug-in toaster oven.

It’s very easy to cook by yourself in your apartment, but if you have multiple people in the kitchen area, it can get crowded.

When I first moved in, I spent most of my time outside the apartment, treating it as a place to sleep. But over the past two years, I’ve enjoyed hosting dinners with friends.

The reality of living in a small apartment in New York

Of course, it gets a little crowded, but I know it’s small because I have many friends who live in the same building. Other friends were shocked that my apartment was so small, but later said they got used to the space and it wasn’t too bad.

Apartment of Alexander Berhieg
The bedroom and living room of Alexander Verheag’s apartment.
Alexander Berheeg

Isolation in lockdown was difficult because of the tight spaces, but now I’m used to my apartment. I usually work during the day, but when I work from home, I often take short breaks by taking a walk around the block.

Most recently, in September, the monthly rent for an apartment rose to $1,100 due to inflation. At first I thought about moving because I had a reservation, but the more I looked for another apartment, the more I realized that this one was the cheapest.

I’ve been making videos with friends for the past 15 years, and when I moved into my apartment for the first time in 2020, my friends convinced me to download TikTok and show them my apartment. Because it was so unique.

go viral in my little apartment

After a year and a half, I decided to upload a video of my apartment tour to YouTube. I was surprised that the number of views exceeded 10 million. Many people had positive opinions about my living space, but some were very negative. It was said that he lived in a closet without any money.

It turns out that some of the people making these comments usually live in the American South where their homes are very large. I think that’s why.

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I have some work to do now. I’m a bike messenger, part-time barber and content he creator. Living in Manhattan has been very beneficial to me. Because the school I went to to get my cutting license was right near my apartment, so I could be a bike messenger in the neighborhood.

It also allowed me to create organic and interesting content on YouTube. Because as soon as you step out of your apartment, you can tell thousands of different stories just by being in the heart of New York.

I don’t think you have to live in the best apartment in the world to make your dreams come true. Surviving in the city takes a lot of patience, but if you really want it, you can usually find a way to make it happen.

Alexander Verheag is a YouTuber and content creator.you can find out more about him here.

All views expressed in this article are those of the author.

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