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I Had to Skip My Home Inspection to Win a Bidding War

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  • I made an offer to 11 homes before finally deciding to abandon my home inspection.
  • I don’t regret it because that decision helped me secure a home, but I’m still not sure if it was wise.
  • I thought that home inspection felt “safe”, but now I think safety is an illusion.

Our home search began in April 2020 and ended in August 2021. It ended when I finally “winned” the bid, which is a term that is still in conflict. We didn’t beat the house. We have won the right to take a huge loan to a small house.And in our case it was a small house No inspection was done.

When I started looking for a house a year and a half ago, I vowed that I would never do that. Our realtor worked with us to solve the problem after we lost one bid, then two bids, three and four bids. I didn’t have much ace in my hand.He knew it Abandon inspection It will be a smart card to play. But fear has guided our way. What if something big is wrong? We told each other. No way. No way.

We wrote a letter to the seller, but it didn’t help

Instead of a cash movement of power, we tried to beg in words, Write a letter to the homeowner We thought they would love us. I am a writer, I thought.. I can write down our hearts on paper and they will not be able to turn their backs. I was wrong. And after a while, we were told to stop writing letters altogether. They said they could actually violate fair housing law. I felt my only power diminished, and all that was important was what we didn’t have much, money.

After the loss of 11 bids, we felt more desperate than ever and considered new options. When we had a house in the desired area, we resigned, looked at each other, and told the agents to stop testing.

We got the house but felt that abandoning the inspection was still a bit wrong

The day after I moved, a new neighbor appeared and introduced me. She was lovely and she was incredibly kind. We chatted for a few minutes before the conversation began to get the house. Suddenly I heard her say something about people who forgot her test, and how crazy and harmful it is. And I froze. I don’t hide things. Not from someone I know. Even from strangers. I believe in living loudly. Shame closes us and calms us. But at that moment, I didn’t know what to say. I shook her head to her side in rhythm with her. I agreed how stupid they were. But I’m those people. We are those people. I can be honest now.

Now I think “safety” is an illusion

At this point, we were at home long enough to think we would have noticed something terrible. In the future, I decided not to undergo an inspection after moving in. But most of the time, we hope that somehow we made a “safe” purchase in an insane market. I want to believe this, but what I believe now, so far in my life, is completely different.

There is no such thing as safety — just an illusion of it. And that’s what we gave up. I gave up the illusion of being safe from hidden places, such as a lawn patch, a backyard large enough for a child to kick a soccer ball, a patio to sit in when it’s warm, and front and back doors. The truth about this house. Maybe there is a flaw in the base. Maybe the roof is worn out.

But when I wasn’t, I felt safe in the car. Safe at home when someone is breaking downstairs. When it wasn’t safe, I felt safe hundreds of times. And I was safe many times when I couldn’t say. May this house support us as much as we need. And may it support us safely.

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