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Huntsville’s Hays Farm adding $1 million homes, commercial development

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Huge Southern Huntsville Development With hundreds of homes planned outside the gates of Redstone Arsenal, there is now a new homebuilder with plans to expand its commercial offering, including million-dollar homes.

In short, according to Hayes Farm According to developer Jeff Enfinger, family-owned land has recently been transformed into a gathering place for the area.

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The biggest update is that Enfinger, who is developing the property with Jim and John Hayes, has decided to take home builders to complete construction after Goodall Homes left the project as part of the downsizing of the Huntsville market. Hayes Farm Homes was built just to build homes on the development, Enfinger said.

Construction of Hayes Farm Homes will take place on a parcel of land known as The Forest and the Fields. The Forge, the smallest of the three housing lots, was the first site of housing construction on the development Goodall worked on, and was largely completed.

The multi-million dollar home is an upgrade from previous plans and will be part of The Forest across Haysland Road from Grissom High School. Enfinger said prices for homes in The Forest range from $700,000 to over $1 million. At The Fields, Enfinger said the price range would be $450,000 to $650,000 for him.

Hayes Farm Homes is a new company building homes on Hayes Farm in South Huntsville. (Paul Gattis | [email protected])

Meanwhile, Huntsville-based Freedom Real Estate & Capital has purchased Hays Farm’s land and plans to build a three-story, multi-tenant office building, said Brenda Conville, Freedom’s vice president of real estate. I’m here.

New York-based Camden Securties said Enfinger was our “cool place and it’s going to be a small shopping and restaurant place.” City-owned 9-acre park It will be built along Haysland Road west of the Home Depot and The Liam luxury condominiums under construction. Enfinger said Camden also plans to build his 300 apartments in the development.

The city of Huntsville plans to build a park later this year that will include an artificial lake and gazebo. Enfinger said Big Spring in downtown Huntsville will be similar to He Park.

“It’s going to be beautiful,” Enfinger said of the park. gives South Huntsville a place to host concerts in the park (a summertime staple at Big Spring Park) or something like that if you want to become a farmer’s market venue. Anyone can walk and visit and hopefully have lunch or something like that.”

Freedom plans to break ground on the office building this summer, Conville said. She said Freedom has not yet decided whether to move its offices from Boulevard South near Martin Road to Hays Far. Buildings will be between 50 and 60,000 square feet.

“We would like to, but it will depend on what happens with Leasing,” Conville said. “It’s strictly a speculative building. So who knows? Given its proximity to the Redstone Arsenal, the FBI operations, and hopefully Space Command, there are many interested tenants coming.” I am looking forward to it.”

The opportunity to participate in the development of Hays Farm was too good an opportunity to pass up, Conville said.

“This is a growing area,” says Conville. “It’s amazing what the Enfingers and Hayes families are doing there. And there’s a gorgeous nine-acre urban park designed to get you into. And I felt it was a good opportunity to participate in its development.”

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