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Huntington Place apartment residents fed up with conditions, hope for action

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Many people living in Huntington Place Apartments in Brooklyn Park are anxious for a new place to call their home, saying that bed bugs, cockroaches, rats and molds have overtaken the current ones.

“Every time I took a shower, my hair fell out,” Resident Desirae James told FOX9.

On Monday, James showed FOX9 the turmoil under her kitchen sink.

“It doesn’t make sense how you have all this money, and these apartments are still ruined like this,” she said of the apartment owner.

After before Explain the condition of the apartment in detail in another storyBrooklyn Park has promised real estate owner Aeon, a non-profit, up to $ 6 million in funding to improve living conditions, but residents say they haven’t seen any change.

“When it rains, the windows look like waterfalls,” said resident Lucica Harvey.

Harvey also states that he spends a lot of money on mousetraps and feels he needs a refund.

“I’m catching mice here, so I spent about $ 300,” she said.

Meanwhile, Anthony Underhill says he is currently dealing with extreme mold addiction and is causing seizures twice a day.

“It made my asthma so bad that I couldn’t stay in the apartment for more than an hour and a half at a time because of breathing problems,” said 22-year-old Underhill.

On Monday, the city’s Human Rights Commission presented the findings to the Brooklyn Park city council, stating that mold and fecal problems were generalized, with the majority of residents feeling angry and desperate and afraid of retaliation for their remarks. rice field.

Residents now want action from their representatives, Find resources from community groups..

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