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Hundreds living in deplorable city complex where owner hit with over 1K violations

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When the Camden inspector arrives, Aura Gonzalez competes from room to room.

Open the drawer. Turn on the faucet. It points in different directions. She wants to show him that she faces her 12-year-old daughter every day at Northgate 1.

A patchwork of a ceiling collapse in the bathroom a few months ago. The base of a rotten refrigerator. Piping that backs up more than it works smoothly.

That’s before you leave the actual apartment, she says.

The 320-unit Northgate 1 Income Restriction Complex corridor, reserved for low-income earners, has its own list of issues. At best, they are the perfect place for visitors to dump their trash, allowing homeless people to sleep and dogs to relieve themselves. At worst, they are hotbeds for theft, prostitution and drug use, according to local police and residents.

“This isn’t alive,” says the 34-year-old mother in Spanish. “No … we are people.”

Gonzales called the owner to deal with problems such as people constantly wandering in the hallways, broken cabinets, and broken elevators in the building. But she said, “After weeks or months of trials, sometimes and always get help.”

A series of issues and lack of response from owners Camden 7 Realty, LLC have become a common theme for residents of the complex, which has a history of 60 years, Camden County officials said on April 28. I told NJAdvanceMedia during the inspection. The county allowed reporters and photographers to participate in the inspection.

The problem recently culminated when the city issued 1,155. After inspecting the 21st floor of a building where about 300 people currently live, law enforcement violations against property owners. The inspection took place over a two-week period from March 28th to April 6th, citing issues such as plumbing issues, repairs, and cockroach epidemics.

The decree requires Camden County to carry out inspections of apartments once every five years, but enforcers usually investigate complaints on a regular basis. A spokesman for Camden said the city is conducting its own housing inspections each year, but has not been to the property since 2019 after a suspension due to concerns about COVID-19. Said. The last two weeks of testing followed a large number of complaints.

When Northgate 1 was inspected three years ago, 45 violation notices were issued. City officials said it was compared to 10 violations of the year at the nearby Northgate 2 apartment. Fair share housing..

I hear Aura Gonzalez, Mayor of Northgate 1 Apartments in Camden, NJ, talking about her kitchen issues on Thursday, April 28, 2022. Apartment owners have recently received 1,155 law enforcement complaints. ..Dave Hernandez | For NJAdvance

“It comes down to quality of life,” said Gabriel Camacho, director of law enforcement at Camden, while standing in the hallway of the complex at the end of April.

Retired captain Camacho, who worked for Camden County Police for 25 years, said he had recognized Northgate 1 as a public safety issue before taking up his current position about eight months ago.

According to a spokesman for Camden County, Marc Wolf of Camden 7 Realty LLC, the owner of the property, lives in Oyster Bay, NY. Wolf did not respond to multiple requests for comment. His lawyer didn’t do that either. The property manager who works for the same LLC also did not answer the phone or email.

Wolf has owned the property since 2011 and is shown by city records provided by the county. A spokesman said city tax records do not indicate that he owns other property in Camden.Although state tax records also show Wolf Does not own any other property In New Jersey, that remains unknown. Companies for which he is a member and owns other assets do not necessarily have his name listed.

The April 28 visit owns a “united front” that seeks to improve the living conditions of Camden County, in addition to having Camden County health officials look inside a handful of apartments as part of an inspection. It was also intended to show the residents. Police chief Gabe Rodriguez said.

“There are people who live here and are really good and have no other choice. This is their only choice and they deserve a better quality of life,” Rodriguez said.

“There are different rules here.”

Both the Chief of Police in Camden County and the Chief of Law Enforcement in the City had a hard time contextualizing their reputation for unsanitary, inhumane and dangerous living conditions in Northgate 1.

Rodriguez, who grew up in Camden, said he had heard stories of tragic crimes about what had happened in the complex since he was a boy.

Newcomers are told to remember a few things, he said.

Do not park on the curb. Do not let the refrigerator or entertainment unit collide with the hood of your car or even worse. Be careful who knocks on the door — in the past, some were rented out to operate for the sale of drugs. Rodriguez, beware of the corridors. In the corridors, it is known that gunners camp before “sacrificing” someone.

“We consider Northgate 1 to be our own city. Here the rules are different … there is a complete section of the city that is safer than this one building,” Rodriguez said. “How serious it is.”

According to criminal data provided by Camden County spokesman Dan Keasen, 47 crimes were reported at Northgate 1 in 2021, with 1 murder, 5 car thefts, 2 rapes and 26 assaults. It contains. So far, 21 crimes have been reported in the complex from January 1st to May 3rd, 2022.

In context, Northgate 2, a senior housing complex across the street, reported a total of 19 crimes over a five-year period (from 2017 to May 3, 2022).

“People often ask me,” What kind of crime is happening in Northgate 1, “and I answer,” What doesn’t happen? ” Rape, murder, suicide, shooting, everything happened, “Rodriguez said.

Authorities Tour Northgate 1 After Owner Hits with 1,155 Code Enforcement Complaints

Jose Rios, 48, removed the dust cover from a smoke detector at his mother’s apartment in Camden, NJ, on Thursday, April 28, 2022. Dust must be removed before using the system to prevent accidental removal of dust.Dave Hernandez | For NJAdvance

New owner?

Passing through the missing person poster in the North Gate 1 corridor, Paschal Nwako, a health officer in Camden County, said he was through a hole at the top of the tenant’s door to reveal the deteriorating situation. I started slipping on the stack of paper I had. Then he arrived near the sign: “Rem catches a dog peeing in this hallway … I’m a (swearing) dog !!” I read.

Nwako doesn’t just want to deal with “fragmented” issues as he has done in the past, he said. According to Nwako, floor-by-floor refurbishment and a hotline for residents to report problems immediately are needed.

Vic Carstarphen, Mayor of Camden, called the housing situation “sorrowful” and said the lack of response from the building owners only exacerbated the problem.

“I know the administration has tried (to deal with the problem) in the past, but we have gathered partnerships … we have all gathered in the same room and pressured what is happening here. I want to call, “Kasterfen said.

The mayor said the city heard interest in taking over real estate from new owners. He said he didn’t provide any further details because those discussions were still so early.

The real estate company Hudson Valley Property Group has expressed interest in buying Northgate 1, according to a letter from a real estate company lawyer to the president and vice president of the Camden City Council on April 12. It was obtained by NJAdvanceMedia. In the letter, the lawyer said the real estate group estimated it would cost about $ 25 million to repair the building — $ 80,000 per unit.

District 4 councilor Felicia Reyes Morton, including both Northgate apartments, said negotiations were quick, but new developers were tax-reduced to keep Northgate 1 as a low-income apartment for multiple years. Payment instead of taxes, or pilots who said there was controversy. PILOT helps the city compensate for property tax revenues lost due to the exemption.Reflects similar steps taken At Crestberry Apartments — A problem-prone unit in southern Camden that received a 30-year tax cut in 2020 and completed a $ 24 million refurbishment.

Reyes-Morton said tax cuts were given to past owners of the property to refurbish and improve the condition. But they only temporarily alleviated the problem, she said.

“For over 40 years, (Northgate 1) has been ignored and the potential of new developers does not seem to want to try differently than what was done in the past. It is related to the quality of life of the building. So I’m not sure there’s any improvement, ”says Reyes Morton.

The councilor is North Gate 1 Camden Special Service District.. According to him, the program is using taxpayer funds to clean up the business district and is no longer applicable to Northgate 1.

“This is because it wasn’t initially zoned within it. The neighborhood is part of the college district,” she said.

Authorities Tour Northgate 1 After Owner Hits with 1,155 Code Enforcement Complaints

A storage closet has been left in a dire state in Camden, NJ, on Thursday, April 28, 2022. Storage workers said residents are using closets to store trash bags in front of them.Dave Hernandez | For NJAdvance

Vincent Basara, a spokesman for Camden, said he couldn’t comment because the discussion about potential owners is still ongoing. He said the city aims to improve the living conditions of the residents of North Gate 1, regardless of who the owner is.

As of Monday, Northgate 1 owners have not responded to city violations or other requests to address the complex’s situation, with Camden’s Chief Housing Inspector Ron Kerr. Camacho said. Both said the owner could be liable for a fine of nearly $ 200,000 or more, based on possible proceedings.

“Our team will re-inspect within 45 days (from April 11th), which requires management to indicate that the repair has been done or to prove that it is in the process of being repaired. “There is a time,” Camacho wrote in Timothy Cunningham in Camden. Business manager in a letter analyzing the violations obtained by NJAdvanceMedia.

But to Joserios, a resident of Northgate 1, anything you can say will convince him that the conditions will change. With a broken smoke detector in his hand, he talked about the various problems he encountered during the four years he lived there.

“People sleep in the hallways. Robbery is normal, it could be dangerous … I haven’t been robbed, but I know that others have it. In a (specific) apartment or floor When you move, you’ll see. It just keeps happening. My 67-year-old mother was trying to move for a while. It’s not good for her here, “Rios said in Spanish.

Do you think things will change?

“No, no, no, I don’t,” Rios said.

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