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Hudson County Rent Control Controversies Get National Attention

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Hudson County, New Jersey — National Corporation buy a building In Hoboken and Jersey City, once owned by small landowners, over the past few years Disobey Local Rent Regulation Guidelines. And Now wall street journal I followed up on the issue First reported by patch last month.

On Monday morning, the WSJ followed up on the issue of Port Said’s gorgeous waterfront tower in Jersey City. report in October.

Tenants have complained that they have been hit with rent increases of up to 40 percent this year, far higher than the single-digit percentages normally allowed by local laws. A similar situation was reported earlier this year in a building in hoboken Owned by the same company that owns Portside, Equity Residential.

This year with the tenant of Port Said another stock bill Residents of Jersey City have also complained of maintenance issues, such as elevators trapping people inside.

In an article on Monday, The Wall Street Journal said report The Jersey City Fire Department responded 10 times to the Portside Tower elevator between April and September 2022 to accommodate stranded people.

A spokesperson for Equity Residential said the company recently overhauled the building’s elevators and is “addressing several ongoing malfunctions.”

Feeling stuck?

In Hudson County and nationally, the problem of rent increases is becoming more acute. Some tenants say they can’t afford the moving costs and may not pass the credit check or application process at the new building.

a Research done this summer Jersey City has the highest rents in the nation, with Hoboken in 7th place, according to .

One New Jersey advocate said this year she “tsunami“Increased evictions and homelessness as rents rise.

New Jersey state law states that rent increases must not be “unconscionable,” but does not spell out limits. suggests it may not hold up in court, but that means Tenants will need the resources to fight.

New Jersey towns have adopted their own rent stabilization laws to prevent unexpected spikes. Still, the renter had to raise money to sue the court. (One longtime Hoboken resident recently had to: Read more: Hoboken Rent Control case could set a troubling precedent.)

Companies such as Equity Residential, which owns multiple buildings in Hoboken and Jersey City, have been cited for raising prices beyond what local law allows. In the spring, Equity was reported. lost a $2 million lawsuit From the Office of the Attorney General in Washington, D.C., on rent increases in the city.

In both Hoboken and now Jersey City, Equity had to cut some of the proposed rents. READ MORE: Hoboken-Rivington landlord told to roll back rent

free resources

Hoboken and Jersey City offer free services for those who want to understand their rights, find out what their legal rent is, and oppose price increases.

The City of Hoboken has not only a Rent Stability Board, but also tenant advocacy attorneys and local advocates who have been volunteering for decades. Hoboken Fair Housing AssociationSee this story for . Link to these options.

“Just submit the legal rent calculation request form” 1 person wrote a comment on Reddit in Augustwhen Hoboken tenants said they had seen an increase of almost 40%.
I’m about to raise my rent by 40%, what do I have to lose?”

Jersey City has resources to look up legal rent on this page.

In addition, a nonprofit organization called The Waterfront Project provides free legal assistance to anyone in Hudson County with housing and a variety of other issues. Please contact us here.

See Patch’s previous reports on rent control problems in Hoboken and Jersey City.

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