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How to Deal With a Difficult Doorman

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Q: In my co-operative building, there is a new doorman who does not perform his duties. He never opens the door. He leaves his luggage unattended in the lobby overnight. He is loud and unobtrusive, talks on the phone, is often off the desk, and can be hostile and rebellious against shareholders and guests. What are the means for shareholders? If his performance doesn’t improve, can I withhold the part of maintenance directed to his salary?

A: A: Maintenance cannot be withheld because building employees are not performing their duties as expected.

There may be dissatisfaction, but if all the shareholders of the co-operative are dissatisfied with the service and refrain from maintenance, the building will not function properly.

What bothers one person may not bother another. “One of my doormen is always on the phone. It drives me crazy, and I’m on the board,” he said. Stephen D. Sladox, A real estate lawyer for his apartment and a founding partner of the Manhattan law firm Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas. “He’s one of the best doormen, so I don’t do anything. He’s done his job.”

In your case, it seems that you haven’t finished your work, or at least you haven’t met your standards. To make changes, either the board of directors or a management agent must contact management, depending on who oversees the staffing issue. Before that, talk to your neighbors. Find out if others share some of your frustration, especially the behavior you find rebellious and rude. Your complaint becomes more important if you can gather other people behind you. “If more and more people feel that way, it’s more incentive for the board to do something about it,” Sladkus said.

Then write a letter to management explaining your concerns. specifically. Give an example of a problem with operation. Employees may need additional training or supervision to improve their work. Ultimately, the change must be made by the employee’s manager.

If you find yourself alone in assessing the situation, you want to find another way to facilitate your relationship with the doorman without reporting the doorman to your boss and potentially damaging his employment. You may think.

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