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How to Approach Your Landlord About Minor Renovations, According to an Expert

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So I decided to take the plunge and renew my rental (yes, you can). The first step in a minor rental renovation is Approval from landlordThis can be a daunting task, but “Rental Redo” host Keyanna Bowen has turned the process down to science. In her recent interview with Apartment Therapy, the Magnolia Network star shared some tips and tricks to simplify the process.

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“You don’t because you don’t ask. Sometimes you just have to ask,” says Bowen. “You can always ask your landlord to talk to you about your idea and see if they accept it.”

According to Bowen, the more specific the better. When she first made plans to update her own rental property, she created her design plans to provide insight into what her landlord wanted to do. For those without a design background, she recommends looking online for inspiration photos (Pinterest is very helpful, she notes) and showing them to the landlord so they can see the full visual range. she proposes.

Getting everything in writing is essential if your landlord is on board, Bowen says. She recommends listing everything you plan to do. This is going to be a bit more legal, so any approval you get from your landlord should always be in writing,” says Bowen. “Then you will keep the way.”

Bowen’s number one piece of advice is that it always worth asking, even if the lease seems to disallow it. She believes landlords are open to the idea that tenants want updates and improvements, as it can increase the overall value of the property in the long run.

“Sometimes tenants stay longer,” she says. “Knowing there are tenants who have invested in the space is also an added bonus for the landlord. I just know that you will take care of me.”

“Rental redo” is available on discovery+ and Magnolia app. New episodes drop every Friday through October 7th.

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