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How the internet turned this Australian real estate agent into a meme

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“It’s a public forum where people just make fun of you, and you’re not attached to it, so you can’t do anything about it,” Lack explains.

The most obvious answer is to go underground, which is exactly what he did, turning off social media.

“Logging off helped for a while, but it gave me no control over myself or my life. I was always incredibly ambitious.”

Rather than continue to rebel against Page, Lack decided to lean on Page. If they were going to send him, he was going to provide it.

“they [Lords of Property] As I was sharing my content and my audience was growing, I had to level up,” he says. “He wanted to improve, he wanted to improve his presentation skills, he wanted to be more motivated to give a speech.”

In one of his most memorable posts, Lack goes full Tony Robbins and unleashes a string of Lack-isms in quick succession.

“When the goal is clear, there are zero distractions. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, if you want different things, you have to do different things. Old keys don’t open new doors.” You can’t understand what you’re choosing without, and whatever you haven’t changed.”

Once Lack decided to join the joke, he found it easier to regain control, including even monetizing his new profile.

“The property lords were producing merchandise with my face on them. ’ he says.

Lack has started selling personalized greeting cards featuring his most famous quotes. The bestseller is “Lack Pack” (3 cards for him $30). Currently, the stock is sold out, and we are planning to expand the product lineup.

Make the most of a bad situation. Realtor Fraser Lack now sells personalized gift cards.

“The fact that people want to buy greeting cards from me is very humbling and speaks to the positives outweighing the negatives of this journey,” says Lack.

As further proof that internet notoriety isn’t all bad, Lack is joining the latest season Australian person Survivor: Hero vs VillainChannel Ten approached the 25-year-old via Instagram after noticing the reaction to his online profile.

“I thought about it for 10 seconds before I said yes. I grew up watching the show and always wanted to do it,” he says.

Welcome to the jungle. Real estate agent Fraser Lack is a contestant on the Ten network's Survivor: Heroes vs Villains reality TV show.

Welcome to the jungle. Real estate agent Fraser Lack is a contestant on the Ten network’s Survivor: Heroes vs Villains reality TV show. credit:age

Unsurprisingly, Luck was cast in the villainous Tribe, reflecting how realtors are usually viewed.

“I rarely see anyone and they say, ‘Oh, I love my real estate agent,’ but I believe I can change that perception and go all the way,” Lack said. “If there’s one thing I’m familiar with, it’s captivating people.”

Given his track record, it wouldn’t go against him.

Australian survivor: Heroes vs Villains Premiere 7.30 Monday, January 30th At 10 and 10 Play.

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