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How many hours minimum wage earners need to work to afford rent

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In many major U.S. cities, minimum-wage workers have to work 50 or more hours a week just to pay the rent for a one-bedroom home. Metropolitan Area United Way Survey found.

In New York City, minimum wage workers have to work 111 hours to rent a one-bedroom.

United Way used data from the National Low Income Housing Coalition to calculate the number of hours minimum wage workers need to spend each week to pay rent in the 50 largest US cities.

Tucson, Arizona and Buffalo, New York are the only two cities on the list that allow minimum wage workers to work less than 50 hours a week.

It shows how many hours a minimum wage worker would have to work to pay the rent of a bedroom in the 10 largest US cities. minimum wage In each city:

new york city

required time: 111

minimum wage: $15

Los Angeles

required time: 84

minimum wage: $15.96


required time: 112

minimum wage: $15.40


required time: 104

minimum wage: $7.25


required time: 65

minimum wage: $12.80


required time: 110

minimum wage: $7.25

San Antonio, Texas

required time: 97

minimum wage: $7.25

San Diego

required time: 90

minimum wage: $15


required time: 120

minimum wage: $7.25

San Jose, California

Price increases will affect renters of all incomes, but threaten the lowest income renters.

Diane Yentel

President of NLIHC

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