Home News Houston palace graces market at $60M as priciest listing in Texas

Houston palace graces market at $60M as priciest listing in Texas

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Suitable for Queens and Millionaires, Houston real estate sells for $ 60 million, making it one of Texas’s most expensive residential real estate listings.

Chateau-style main building Hunter’s Creek LodgeAdjacent to the Buffalo Bayou and Houston Country Club, it is a whopping 22,000 square feet. The 9-acre site is located in Houston’s wealthiest zip code.

The listing went on the market last year, but there was no asking price. Recently, Dallas-based Icon Global has announced a list price of $ 60 million.

“Our clients have recently instructed us to sell real estate in the open market at a fixed price now that we have successfully overcome the pandemic,” said Bernard Uechtritz, owner and founder of Icon Global. “The size, price and equipment of this property puts this property in the front row of top-notch properties offered nationwide and is one of the best properties available in the country. It is certainly the best gem on the Texas market. . “

Formerly known as Romanov Estate, the property features 3,500 square feet of guest homes and additional staff dormitories. Among the highlights are a wrought-iron elevator, chandeliers, carved mahogany stairs and space to accommodate as many as seven cars.

Completed in 2005 after six years of construction, the wood-covered mansion made of steel, concrete and Indiana limestone is designed in the Richardsonian Romanesque style. Featuring sides inspired by the Builtmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina and Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.

The interior contains architectural elements selected by the current owner and shipped from Belgium, the United Kingdom, France and Italy.

“As an architect who has worked in the United States and several other countries of the world for over 35 years, I tell you: [estate] … It’s one of the most amazing homes you’ll ever see, ”said Ken Newbury, an architect hired to design real estate, at Icon Global. news release..

In 2016, this estate will be part of the Bayou Preservation Association 50th Anniversary Soiree..

Icon Global shared very little real estate details, such as addresses. The dead end property sold to the ultra-rich is behind the security gate and has other security measures in place.

“Given the potential profile, privacy, and security requirements of new owners in the future, we will scrutinize, approve, and invite prospects or brokers on a case-by-case basis for detailed interiors and others. We only provide amenity specifications for Uechtritz, “says Uechtritz.

Visitors to the property must first sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Uechtritz calls the estate “one of the most expensive, tasteful, and well-designed compounds ever built in Texas or across the country …”.

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