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Housing snapshot: Home sales and rentals across Israel

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Israeli house prices continue to rise despite interest rate hikes to curb inflation.latest numbers show 19% increase Every year, every region of the country sees double-digit growth. Market data shows that fewer properties change owners while prices are rising.

In such a market, real estate values ​​change by a significant amount each month. So this feature looks at homes that have been sold in the last 4-6 weeks and uses the Israeli property tax database to find the final price paid for the property. The struggle to climb the housing ladder doesn’t just apply to young couples and singles. Families looking for a house with at least three bedrooms (or in Israel he has four) look carefully at the market to see what they can afford.

1. in the center of Jerusalem Menachet Street A 4-bedroom (5-room) property near the Old Town was sold in early September for NIS 4,250,000 ($1,237,623). This unit covers his 75 sq m (807 sq ft) of his 3rd floor of his 6 story building built in 1970.

2. in Holon upon Saadyagaon RoadA three-bedroom apartment (four rooms) in the northern part of the city near Wolfson Medical Center sold for NIS 2,230,000 ($649,388) in early September. The 73-square-meter (786-square-foot) apartment is on the second floor of his six-story building built in 1994. The apartment sale included 1 reserved parking space.

3. Heart of Petah Tikva upon Hafez Heimstrasse, a four-bedroom apartment sold for NIS 2,415,000 ($682,589) in early October. The total area of ​​the apartment was 106 square meters (1141 square feet) on his fifth floor of his six-storey building. The building was completed last year (2021) and houses 50 apartments.

Four. in AradTowards the edge of town, a three-bedroom single-story house changed owners in September for NIS 1,300,000 ($385,185). on the Mivtsa route It covers 122 square meters (1,313 square feet) on a lot of 701 square meters (7,546 square feet) and was built in 1960. Private parking is also available.

5. Inn Bate Sean, About Kiryat Rabin out of town street, A four-bedroom apartment on the ground floor of a four-story building sold for NIS1,100,000 ($312,551) in late September. The unit measures 1,582 square feet (147 square meters) and has its own parking space. The building dates back to 2016.

6. in Safed upon Eliyahu Fromenchenko Street, a four-bedroom villa sold for NIS 2,600,000 ($772,889) in early September. Built in 1989, this property he measures 242 square meters (2605 square feet).

7. Hagaril Street in Nazareth, a three-bedroom ground-floor apartment in a building completed in his year was sold for NIS 1,570,000 ($466,706) in early September. There are a total of 39 apartments inside. There is no reserved parking lot.

8. In Bnei Brak, A four-bedroom apartment in what is now Israel’s busiest city changed owners in mid-September for NIS 3,900,000 ($1,102,941). This unit is located on his 7th floor of his 9 story building which will be completed in 2021. It has an area of ​​135 square meters (1,453 square feet). Exact location is not available.

9. Inn Caesarea, a luxury city with mostly private homes, a three-bedroom apartment in a suite hotel has been sold for NIS 2,900,000 ($848,946). It measures just 81 square meters (872 square feet) and is located on his ground floor of a two-story development containing 31 apartments. The building he built in 2000. This model typically allows hotels to rent out apartments if the owners don’t want to use them.


Rental prices appear to be rising more slowly than property sales, although some areas (looking at Tel Aviv) have seen increases of 30-50%.

A growing number of families for whom renting is the only option (because they have no down payment capital). But with a good income, you can afford to pay rent that would have seemed absurdly high just a few years ago. Here are some options for families looking to rent across the country, culled from the online real estate marketplace Yad2.

in the Old Jaffa district in Tel Aviv, A 100-square-meter (1,076-square-foot) three-bedroom apartment is available for NIS 11,000 ($3,126) per month.

not far south Tel Aviva high-end duplex can be rented with 3 bedrooms of 2,906 square feet (270 square meters) Yehuda Margosa StreetThe monthly fee is NIS 25,000 ($7,103), but you can also use the concierge service, gym and pool.

of Ramat Gan, has a 3.5-bedroom garden apartment that can be rented for NIS 8,888 ($2,500) per month from November. Unit size is 2,756 square feet (256 square meters).the apartment is on Ben Salk Street Located in the city center.

in the Neve Charette district Zikron Yaakovrents a 5-bedroom villa for NIS 9,500 ($2,699) per month. The lot is 318 square meters (3,423 square feet) with a living area of ​​160 square meters (1,722 square feet).

⋅3 bedroom apartment Tiberias Overlooking the Sea of ​​Galilee Moran Street Available for NIS 6,500 ($1,847) per month. It measures 120 square meters (1,292 square feet) and is located on his first floor in a newly completed building. It has a parking lot.

in Jerusalema three-bedroom apartment is currently offered at NIS 7,800 ($2,216) per month. Mekolheim neighborhood It is located in the southwest part of town. Located on the second floor of his four-story building, it measures 110 square meters (1,184 square feet). One of the balconies is enclosed and can be used as an additional room.

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