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Housing snapshot: Apartment sales and rentals across Israel

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To give you a sense of the reality of the Israeli housing market, here’s a regular roundup of homes bought and sold in the last month. This week’s issue also includes an overview of rental apartments currently on the market.

The information regarding the sale of apartments and homes in this article was collected from the Israeli Tax Authority’s property survey database and shows the final price paid for the property.

The latest figures from the housing market show that home prices rose 17.8% in the year to July compared to July 2021, but few homes appear to change owners. The rise was seen in towns and cities in the central regions of the country.


1. in jaffa Hinanit Road, a three-room apartment sold for NIS 1.85 million ($552,238) in late July. Built in 1960, in his first floor of his four-story, 16-unit apartment building, he covers 73 square meters (786 square feet).

2. Hairisim street in the center of Yokneam Irit A five-room house near Gandhi Park sold for two million NIS ($603,431) in mid-July. Built in 1970, the living area is his 122 square meters (1,313 square feet), with an additional 380 square meters (4,090 square feet) of space registered.

3. In Kiryat Ono, Newly built tower apartment I haven’t got an official address yet Sold for NIS 3,239,000 ($985,397) in mid-August. The space is 102 sq m (1,098 sq ft) and he has 4 rooms on his 3rd floor of the 31st floor with a total of 115 apartments in the building.

Four. upon Hachoftim street in Tiberias, A 6-room apartment on the 5th floor of a 7-story building sold for NIS 2,350,000 ($721,080) in mid-August. It covers 290 square meters (3,122 square feet) and was completed this year.

Five. in Caesarea, Few properties have changed owners in the last few months. But in mid-August, his two-and-a-half-room apartment of 69 square meters (743 square feet) was sold. city NIS is $1.5 million ($460,687). Built in 1995, it is located on the second floor of a two-story building.

6. upon Haela Street even YehudaA garden apartment in a four-story building near the intersection with State Highway 4 sold for 4.8 million NIS ($1,448,235) in early July. Completed this year and measuring 126 square meters (1,356 square feet), he also has 104 square meters (1,119 square feet) of yards.

7. in Rehovot upon Yechiel Michal Pines StreetA four-room apartment near the Rehovot shopping mall in the Neve Alon district was sold for NIS 2,330,000 ($707,991) in early August. Located on his second floor in a three-story building of 11 apartments, it measures 134 square meters (1,442 square feet). The building was built in 1960.

8. upon Kedoshey Cahir city in Holon A four-room apartment near the junction with Ayalon Highway sold for NIS 1.88 million ($567,225) at the end of July. Located on one of eight floors of a 32-apartment building, he has four rooms in a space of 77 square meters (829 square feet). A private parking lot is also available.

9. at beersheba upon David Nibb Street, A four-room apartment facing an old suburban cemetery sold for NIS 1,390,000 ($422,634) in early August. Located on his second floor of an 11-story building built in 2000, he has an area of ​​122 square meters (1,313 square feet). The building has 21 apartments. The apartment has its own parking space.

Ten. upon Rachel Imenu Street towards the edge of town In Modine, Garden apartment sold for NIS 4,000,000 ($1,206,862) in early August. Built in 2010, he has 4 rooms in 131 square meters (1,410 square feet) of living space, plus he has 126 square meters (1,356 square feet) of yards. This apartment is on his ground floor of 3 floors containing a total of 10 apartments. 2 reserved parking spaces are also included.


One result of rising house prices is that more people want to rent and stay longer. This week we also feature some properties for rent in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, the cities with the largest rental markets.I checked the price on the rental forum Yad 2and tried to give an idea of ​​the range of prices and facilities available for singles or couples.

It is described as “the heart of South Tel Aviv,A 22-square-meter (237-square-foot) studio apartment can be rented for NIS 2,800 ($845) per month.the apartment is on Mikve Israel Street In what is called a refurbished elevator with elevator and free wifi.

Also in Tel Aviv, upon hayarkon streetAt the Opera Tower facing Gordon Beach and Frishman Beach, you can rent a 2-room apartment on the 7th floor with 90 square meters (969 square feet) of sea view for NIS 13,500 ($4,073) per month . Fully equipped with parking lot, gym and saltwater pool. Rent includes management fee and property tax (arnona).

At Catamonim in Jerusalem, you can rent just 8 square meters (86 square feet) of space on the 3rd floor of a house/building for NIS 1,575 ($475).space is on Jose San Martin Street It is described as a private room that has been renovated to a high level. This space comes with two toilets, a shower, a washer and dryer, and access to ‘Quiet Neighbors’.

NIS 9,000 ($2,715) in the center of Jerusalem upon Meir Shaham Street (near Mamilla Mall), tenants can rent a two-room apartment on the fifth floor of a nine-story building. The building is new and the apartment is 72 sqm (775 sq ft) with a parking space. The ‘architect-designed’ apartments are complete with open balconies. The building has 24/7 security, a pool, gym, sauna, showers, and rooms that can be rented for events.

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