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Homeowners sue Vail Resorts over metro district scheme

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A plan initiated by Vail Resorts 20 years ago unfairly robbed Eagle County homeowners of millions of dollars and put them on hooks of millions of dollars, those homeowners last week. Claimed in Bloomfield Court.

In a proceeding filed on May 23, the Red Sky Ranch Metropolitan District called on a Bloomfield judge to revoke the allegedly unscrupulous arrangement. The metro district is managed by the owners of Red Sky Ranch, a community of over 780 acres of 87 homes and two golf courses in the small town of Walcott. Two homes currently for sale are listed for $ 7.8 million and $ 5 million.

According to the lawsuit, Vail Resorts built a neighborhood in the late 1990s. At that time, I persuaded the Eagle County Commissioner to create two metro districts, the Red Sky Ranch Metro District and the Holland Creek Metro District. The Metro District is a quasi-government agency that provides services such as wastewater and mosquito control.

According to the proceedings, after the two metro districts were created, Vail Resorts ensured that both governing bodies were controlled by employees of the same Vail Resorts. In 2001, the same board of directors in the Metro district signed a contract requiring Holland Creek to take ownership of the neighborhood, but requesting Red Sky Ranch to build and maintain the neighborhood. This is the so-called “master and servant” contract. The proceedings are alleged.

“Here, the’master’district (Holland Creek Metro district) owns all the infrastructure, but at no cost. In the “Servant” district (Red Sky Ranch Metro district), on the other hand, all infrastructure is paid in tax. Homeowner “insists.

“By arranging this structure, Vail is still decades after the original home was sold by demanding continued payments from the Red Sky Ranch Metro area … to the Holland Creek Metro area. We continue to make money from these housing developments. “

Holland Creek claims that the proceedings “transfer these payments in turn to Vail Resorts and its subsidiaries.” The company is headquartered in Bloomfield and is being sued there.

Homeowners dominated the Red Sky Ranch Metro area throughout the 2017 elections, but Holland Creek Metro is still an uninhabitable drainage channel because Holland Creek has no parcels and therefore no elections for the Metro area. It is governed by supporters of Vail Resorts. Proceedings. In the proceedings, Holland Creek will be permanently dominated by Vail Resorts.

According to public metro district documents and LinkedIn, the three members of Holland Creek’s board of directors are Vail Resorts’ Real Estate Development Director, Senior Director of Resort Operations, and Beaver Creek Resort’s Base Operations Director.

According to the lawsuit, the 20-year-old arrangement between the two metro districts, both managed by the same Vail Resorts employees, owes millions of dollars of debt to the Red Sky Ranch Metro district by homeowners. Brought.

According to the lawsuit, in 2002 the two metro districts agreed that Red Sky Ranch would borrow $ 5.2 million from Holland Creek. The amount was then used to create a promissory note between Holland Creek and VR Holdings, a subsidiary of Vail Resorts. By 2019, the memo earned nearly $ 4 million in interest, Red Sky Ranch homeowners claim.

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