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Homeowners Are Sharing What They Surprisingly Hate About Their Homes, And I’m Learning A LOT

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Buying a home is a big and expensive decision that involves so many factors.Unfortunately it’s too easy homebuyers making mistakes Or they will end up regretting the house they chose.

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Recently we Asked homeowners of buzzfeed community To share their regrets about buying a home, their response evoked many things I never would have thought of. are as follows:

1.“I wish I had focused on finding a good realtor instead of assuming it wasn’t a problem. I lost thousands of dollars on deals that didn’t go through because of inexperienced realtors. When we dropped her off and found someone who knew, what they were doing was within a week we were in an amazing house.”

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2.“I regret buying the right size home with the right size mortgage for the ‘now’ rather than the future. After a few years, I’m a little fed up and need more space.” Become. For 3 properties. “

—Thomas, Warwickshire, UK

3.“I wish I had saved more money and had an individual inspection by a professional on top of the overall inspection. Now that I’ve done the research, it probably wasn’t that much. Electrician , plumbers, vents, etc. My husband and I come in handy, but within 3 months of moving in, a lot of things went wrong: wrong wiring, water valve older than Moses.

“We would have at least called attention, learned what could be fixed and what could not be fixed, and then dealt with it then, not in a year, a few months. Pay the inspectors what they need, but I will get more than that: thoroughness done by individuals in their respective fields.”


Four.“Get as much insurance as you can afford, not just the minimum amount. I purchased my home in June 2016 and had a devastating fire in December 2020. Reconstruction. The cost is almost 5 times what I paid for the house I had to take out the rest of the construction loan. Wow, what an ordeal this was.

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Five.“I dreamed of buying a fixer upper and remodeling it myself.Assumed I would save money and get a lot of satisfaction out of it.Simple, stressful and costly. We’ve lived there for three years and there are still some rooms we haven’t touched.”

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6.“Some things. I wish I knew more.” How nifty HOA wasSummers are ridiculously hot and winters are freezing with poor insulation and I wish I hadn’t bought a house that was exposed to the west and had a bedroom above the garage. I wish I had bought the ranch style instead of the 2nd floor because my parents have a hard time going up and down stairs. “

— Sarah, North Carolina

7.“Bigger is not better. We bought big homes (over 3,000 square feet) because our kids wanted to spread out and have their own space. Always stayed close to the main living area. It’s easier to maintain, I don’t spend money on unused spaces, and I don’t spend all day cleaning. “

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8.“I wish I had researched the area more. I bought a house in a small village I had never been to. I realized how isolated and lonely I am.”


9.“I was so excited to buy a house that I made an offer for the first decent home in my price range. Now I live about 30 minutes from the city, I have all my favorite spots, and the nearest decent suburb is 20 minutes away, so I can’t drive all the way or take the interstate. If you don’t, you don’t do anything.”

— Anna, Nashville

Ten.“I wish I hadn’t bought the 200 year old house. Nothing fits and everything is crooked. Old properties are money pits. Next house is new!”

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11.“I bought a house seven and a half years ago. I don’t hate the whole house, but I hate the broken parts. My front room is full of leaks and water intrusions that no one can find.” This has been a problem for about 5 months since we bought the house.We also need to replace the entire downstairs floor because of the tile splatter.I like the location but The house itself has a lot of problems.It just keeps dropping money to fix problems that no one can find.”

“I don’t regret buying the house, but maybe how I did it. I was so excited about the prospect of moving out of my rental property and away from my horrible roommate. I was so excited.” I may have skipped the gun a bit.I’m so grateful to have had a roof over my head, but this is really bad.If I stayed in a rental, I wouldn’t be responsible for this garbage. ,It’s here.


12.“I wish I had been more careful and not rushed so much. I was about to buy and I felt a lot of pressure to get the house right away I overlooked some serious issues that I should have noticed when I walked into the house in person. No. Short term rentals are not the end of the world.


13.“I regret not using a local financial institution. I used a big national bank. They were fine, but Florida had a first-time homebuying program that they didn’t know about and With that, we had a down payment and a lot of closing costs.”

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— Katie, Orlando, FL

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14.“When we bought the house a little over a year ago, we didn’t get a home inspection. So far, we’ve paid about $200,000 in repairs. The previous owner said nothing wrong.” Told us directly that there was not (it closed AFTER) and my husband said he was going to buy it anyway, but living in a construction area where things are constantly breaking down is stressful.”

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15.“Looking back on it now, I wish I hadn’t asked the seller the hard questions and believed everything they told us.” We believed all the lies and we share a driveway. The seller made us believe that they had an arrangement and that wouldn’t be a problem. They also lied. bills and all.The neighborhood is calm, but I hope the driveway issue won’t be a problem in the future.”

— Amy, Nevada

16.“I would hire another inspector. Our inspector was recommended by a real estate agent. He was not very thorough and overlooked a pretty big problem.”

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17.“I wish I was more picky about where I bought it. ”


18.“I regretted buying it, lol. Home ownership is the absolute worst. Everything about it. Mortgage, P&I, city taxes, HOA bills, water bills, waste removal bills, all other bills, repairs , upgrades, etc. And, oh, throw in another $2,000 for your furnace and hope the AC unit and other appliances hold up.”


19.“I wish I had started saving sooner and been more mindful.”

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20.“For our state, we both (married) own a house, but the mortgage is only in my name. Big mistake…”


twenty one.And finally, “I wanted to buy when I was financially ready, not when I was emotionally ready.” You could have saved.”


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Note: Answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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