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Home Sellers Lower Prices, Watch For These 2 Signs Before You Buy

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The real estate market seems to be finally chilling after months of soaring house prices.according to Recent report by Redfin, About one-fifth of US home retailers lowered their asking prices in May. This is the highest since October 2019.

but, Rising interest rates It’s not easy for homebuyers, as it has increased significantly since early 2022. If you are in the market to buy a home this summer, you may be able to fix it at a slightly lower price and lower interest rates. By sharply watching over two important elements.

under, select We’ll elaborate on two things that homebuyers need to monitor carefully and what they can do in the meantime to make financial preparations for a new home.

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Two Factors to Remember Before Buying a Home

The days of making dozens of offers at home seem to be a thing of the past.The cost of buying a house is now as the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates 50% higher than a year agoHome buyers have rolled back and essentially changed the overall real estate situation.

If you are eagerly looking for your next home, keep these two factors in mind when you do your best to time your home purchase perfectly.

1. The number of stocks is increasing

As Mortgage rates soaredConsumer-led enthusiasm for buying homes has slowed significantly. This trend is directly reflected in the number of active home lists.

according to Recent reports According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, 376,018 homes were listed in February 2022. In May 2022, the number surged to 516,362 units, an increase of 37%. Today, homes have been on the market for a long time, and each home seems to offer fewer offers.

“Inventory increases suggest that rising interest rates and market conditions have begun to soften demand, which means buyers may have a little more leverage,” he said. Robert HeckVice President of Mortgage MortyOnline mortgage market.

Coby Herzog, San Diego realtors agree. “The list agent is starting to respond and hasn’t received more than 100 messages a day, so it’s useful again,” says Herzog. He also finds that offers are often recently recognized and responded to rather than rejected.

When looking for a new home in a particular area, keep in mind the total number of homes sold there. Just use the resources available from: Realtor.com data section Search for a home based on the area you want to buy.

2. Interest rates are on the rise, but will continue to fluctuate

Since the beginning of 2022 30 year mortgage It is skyrocketing. On January 6, the average interest rate on 30-year mortgages was 3.22%, but has recently reached 5.43%. So, assuming you have a 20% down payment, your monthly home payment of $ 350,000 went from $ 1,213 to $ 1,577 (excluding taxes and insurance) in about 150 days.

Unfortunately, the combination of high interest rates and record high home prices has excluded some potential buyers from the market. But for impatient homebuyers worried about further rate hikes, Heck said, “Current market indicators don’t predict interest rate levels to send mortgage benchmarks above 7%.” He added that interest rates are higher than before, but remain historically low.

The Fed is on a clear path as to what the future holds Continue to raise interest rates Throughout the rest of the year to help overcome Record high inflation.. Heck encourages consumers to stay vigilant. This is because, with further action by the Fed, interest rates could rise and fall rapidly based on macro factors and economic data as well.

Due to factors of confusion, consumers are considering mortgage products such as To Be Determined (TBD) rate locks and float-down options, Heck said. According to Heck, this allows homebuyers to “lock mortgages and take advantage of lower interest rates if interest rates fall sufficiently before closure.”

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With inventory Degree of interest It plays a big role in the housing market, but when you’re ready to buy a home, keep the following in mind:

“It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to time the market,” says Heck. “The bottom line is that everyone should see their situation, how long they expect to live and own a home, and what they are doing. Long-term financial goals To make a purchase decision. “

Remember to do your due diligence regarding your personal finances before you start making an offer at home — Increase your credit score As high as possible Monthly budget Checked, strengthen you Emergency funds With a high yield savings account American Express Also SoFiDon’t ignore further Hide funds for your retirement..

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