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Home-seller shocked by filthy mess left behind after house tour

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When buying a new home, it’s important to make sure you’ve checked out all parts of the home. This may be taken a little seriously by one of the potential buyers.

TikTok user @fortdefiance I was looking at her house, but when she returned to her home, she noticed that some things were slanted.

With over 204,000 views, users are reported to have shown the aftermath of home viewing, including significantly dirty and apparently used bathtubs.

“So I just showed it and then went home. [I’m] Walking around with the lights off and walking around in the bathroom, I said, “Huh. There’s water on the floor-it’s like I just cleaned it,” the user said in a clip. ..

She added that the tub was “carefully scrubbed and vacuumed” for almost 30 minutes before looking.

The tub was dirty and she came to believe that someone tried it.
fortdefiance / TikTok
She pointed out some strange things after watching.
She pointed out some strange things after watching.
fortdefiance / TikTok
TIkToker laughed at the situation and said,
Tik Tokker laughed at the situation and said he “enjoyed”.
fortdefiance / TikTok

The confused homeowner added that he was “quite sure” that someone got on her bed, pointing to the long bench at the end of the bed, separated from the frame, second and third. She added that she thinks she also tested her bedroom.

“I hope you all enjoyed it!” She laughed at the end without being upset.

TikTok users couldn’t believe how comfortable the new owner’s potential obviously made themselves.

“They must have children,” one user theorized. “But either way, you can call the agent to let them know. Other agents must be more professional with the client.”

“What was happening with Goldilocks ?!” another person wrote.

“Yes, the agent should have stopped it. But do people also need to have common sense to not tinker with other people’s stuff?” Asked another TikToker. rice field.

In follow-up TikTok, @ fortdefiance explained that he immediately noticed the tub as he was taking care of the injured goat living there.

“So I absolutely confirmed that it was very clean and acceptable for human use,” she said. “Clearly they approved.”

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