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Home prices have begun falling in these 10 cities, according to Realtor.com

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In some markets, home sales and prices are declining due to the influx of small single-family homes, coupled with declining demand as mortgage rates rise. ((((iStock).

Low home inventories continue to be a problem for homebuyers, but rising mortgage rates appear to curb demand and level home prices in some regional markets. New report From Realtor.com.

“The higher the mortgage rate, the higher the monthly home payments, so many potential buyers are priced by their homes,” the report said. “But when there are fewer buyers competing for housing and bidding, prices usually go down,” he said.

Still, these smaller price drops “do not signal another crash,” like the 2008 housing bubble that spurred the Great Recession. Some of these dips may be due to a decrease in the number of larger homes on the market and an increase in new listings.

Realtor.com analyzed changes in the median annual price for up to 100 metropolitan areas in March to identify where the asking price is most declining. Then I narrowed the list to one city by state.Continue reading to find out where today’s homebuyers can be pretty much trapped, and Visit Credible to compare mortgage rates Free without affecting your credit score.

Rent expected to rise in all US markets in 2022: Freddie Mac

Where home listing prices fell the most in March

Realtor.com has found that home prices are starting to fall not only in many small Rust Belt cities, but also in some of the country’s largest metropolitan areas. The median list prices for the top 10 cities in the survey and year-over-year price changes are as follows:

  1. Toledo, Ohio: $ 115,000 (-18.7%)
  2. Rochester, NY: $ 149,000 (-17%)
  3. Detroit: $ 75,000 (-15.4%)
  4. Pittsburgh: $ 230,000 (-13.7%)
  5. Springfield, Massachusetts: $ 239,900 (-5.8%)
  6. Tulsa, Oklahoma: $ 220,000 (-5%)
  7. Los Angeles: $ 985,000 (-5%)
  8. Memphis, TN: $ 173,500 (-4.6%)
  9. Chicago: $ 399,000 (-3.7%)
  10. Richmond, Virginia: $ 310,000 (-3.4%)

In stock is low Rapid rise in house prices Residents of some cities are now able to price from their real estate market. Realtor.com economist George Ratiu said the unemployment rate on some subways with falling house prices is well above the national average.

Buyers in these markets may face a steeper, more affordable challenge due to rising mortgage rates, according to Raitu, despite lower prices. .. The average 30-year mortgage rate in March exceeded 5% for the first time since 2018. Soaring monthly mortgage payments So far among new borrowers in 2022.

If you are thinking of buying a home now, it is more important than ever to compare interest rates among multiple mortgage lenders to find the best offer for your financial situation.You can do it Get a Free Mortgage Quote In Credible’s mortgage market.

Smart real estate advice for first-time homebuyers and sellers

Realtors explain what’s happening in the local housing market

Real estate issues in some Rust Belt markets can lead to higher unemployment and higher inventories in the market, but that is not the case everywhere.

In los Angeles High home value Historically, many residents have been stuck in the rental market. And local realtor Rafael Osegera said that as mortgages become more expensive, higher interest rates are fueling an affordable fire and future buyers will reach their turning point.

“Inventory isn’t that high yet. Bidding is still going on,” Oseguera said. “It’s not as aggressive as it was three or four months ago.”

Despite a slight chill in some markets Bidding war It still discourages homebuyers in other cities. Competitively priced homes in Pittsburgh often continue to receive multiple offers from suburban buyers looking for deals.

“I personally had multiple buyers who said,’We just have to wait.’ If you write an offer for 7 to 10 houses, you will lose interest a little. “

-Pittsburgh-based real estate agent Bobby West

Fed economists warn about “brewing the US housing bubble” as home prices follow SOAR

Lower listing prices do not necessarily indicate the end of all regional markets. Due to the lack of housing inventories in Richmond, demand is high, especially in the entry-level price range. First Home Buyer..

To support marketing (and to prevent real estate from selling well above the appraisal value), list agents in the Viriginian capital have begun to lower home prices. It’s by Jenny Maraghy, CEO and founder of a local real estate company.

“If we knew the house would be $ 325,000, we could price it at $ 299,000 and put it on the market,” Malagi said. “The biggest mistake we can make is overpriced.”

Prices have fallen slightly in some US markets, so aspiring homeowners may be able to invest in affordable home prices.If you are ready to start bidding at home, you can Visit Credible to begin the mortgage pre-approval process.. In addition, you can see the current mortgage rates in the table below.

ZILLOW FORECASTS LIMITED INVENTORY, rising high home prices by 2024

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